Setting Goals

With my first race behind me, I need to give myself some motivation. I work better with deadlines in general. A finish line so to speak.

For my short term goal, I decided that I want to work on endurance rather than speed. I have previously posted that I want to get my pace under 12:00 for my next race. I am going to revise that. My new goal is to run the whole thing - whatever pace that may be. 

To that end, I have not been giving myself permission to walk. at all. My last run was 28 minutes, 2.31 miles. I ran the whole thing with a pace of 13:09. Much slower than my race. I found that discouraging at first, but then I remembered why I began running in the first place. The goal was to build my endurance. How do I do that if I keep walking? So, my last few runs have been slower, BUT I ran the whole way! I am determined to run all of my next race.

What is my next race? Glad you asked! Color Me Rad. I will be running in Hartford, but they have events all over the place. Check it out and see if there is one near you. Even if you don't run, you may want to check it out anyway! as you run the course, people throw "color bombs" at you! it is actually colored corn starch (I think - they assure me it is non-toxic anyway..) So, you start out in white and end up looking like a bag of skittles! 

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