Welcome to Brown Gables!

Since the economy needed a little boost, we thought we'd do our part and buy a new vacation home.

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Andy and I are reading "Anne of Green Gables" so we thought it appropriate to name it Brown Gables.
After a test run in the back yard, we packed up and went up to Webb Mountain Park. The boys really had a blast hiking, mountain biking and making s'mores. We also took a trip down the road to the Webb Mountain Discovery Zone. Seriously COOL place. We hiked the short loop (about a mile) and plan a couple of day trips for the other two loops.

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We picked Andy up after day camp and drove up to Webb Mountain. It is about a half hour from us and 3 miles from my parents. We stayed 2 nights and I think that was just about the right length for our first tent trip. We hiked them till they dropped then had the grand-parents over for dinner. They slept early and solidly. The best part... they slep in!
The older two already have a trip scheduled with Daddy and Papa in MA next week. They are also asking to go back to Webb Mtn too, so at least one more trip before school starts.


Time Warp!

can't believe it's been almost 2 months! I need to upload some pics, but we've got:

  • Andy's Birthday
  • book reviews
  • crafty stuff (crochet dodecahedrons, Andy's quilt, Goddess quilt and sock monsters)
  • our new vacation home
  • Colin's ST
  • PPTs for Andrew and Colin
  • book reviews (hint- Twilight series=rediculously predictable)

stay tuned!

oh - and thanks Mary for pointing out that I'm WAAAAYYY behind.

I'm also working on updates and caping tips for my Daddy Day Camp Blog.