Mom picked this up for me this weekend! THANKS MOM!! I really like this book so far. it has a few patterns, but the focus is on technique and LOTS of stitch patterns! We've already covered the topic of me and patterns... so this is SO sweet!

speaking of sweet.. we've adopted Smokey's brother, Zeebinz (I just made up the spelling. it is a made-up name from the mind of a 3yo...). they look a LOT alike and are having a lot of fun playing together. if he ever crawls out from under Ryan's bed, I'll have to take a picture...


WIP Wednesday - revisited

Still no camera.. BUT I'll fill you all in on my current WIPs anyway...

1) DH's Damn sock are done! You've probably heard the cheers of joy. Not just from me either, but Todd was drooling over my shoulder the ENTIRE time I was knitting them....

2) Ryan has a sock! I'm waiting for a "yarn angel" to come through for me and send me some leftovers from the stash!

3) Swap #52 squares: 1 done+mailed, 6 done & needing envelopes, 1 OTN. YUP I'm knitting another one. Yes, I crochet faster, yes everyone else is crocheting, BUT I do need to practice my knitting, so I'm doing one in GS with a slipped stitch row every 4th row. I'm thinking about (GASP!) a cable on one!

4) Fuzzy Feet for Mom- these were her Christmas gift, but I was realistic (and VERY stressed!) and I gave her the pattern and told her I'd do it when I could. I finished the heels on Sunday and I'm working my way down the foot (7" to go...)

5) Super Secret Pattern for REALLY Cool book! I just got my contract, my "test" run is done and I need to type up the pattern in her template and find a freakin photo of me that I don't hate... Yeah.. That'll be easy! My yarn for the sample was sent from London a couple of days ago, so it may be a couple weeks before it arrives. It is a quick and fun crochet, so I should be able to turn it around quickly! The book is scheduled to be released in September, and I'll post more info as I get it. I can't wait for my copy! Yes, I get $, a copy of the book and I keep the sample once the promotion is done!!!


My baby is officially a Pre-Schooler!

SNIFF.. He's all grown up ... sniff..

after all the arguing and fighting with the bitch from Pupil personnel, we finally got Ryan screened this morning! He is a "typical" child and he'll be placed in an integrated classroom. Like Andy's but with other 3yo's. So he'll go in the morning, I think 2 days a week. We've got a stack of papers to fill out tonight.. then he can start!


comment on comments

Since Diana was kind enough to show some love by posting a comment, I better anwer her question...

Diana said... "I love the baby sweater.Where did you find the pattern?"

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but it is a freebie from the Lion Brand website. I just did a search for knit baby sweaters in the pattern finder. there is also a link to the yarn substitutions on the pattern page. I used that to choose another yarn. I should swatch the chenille on the 11s before the olympics (I'm DYEING to get going on this as it is!) I'm just worried that it may be too dense, but maybe not....

speaking of swatches.. this is the green I'm using.

How about we consider this a return of FREE PATTERN FRIDAY, just a day early???


You may have noticed...

If you actually read this blog regularly, you've probably noticed a couple of things.

1) I have a problem with directions. It isnt that I can't or won't follow them. I just don't b/c it is better my way. I can't help it. I'm an engineer. that is what I do. I design things to make them work better. so, going back to the Olympics... I am going to make that sweater I posted yesterday. sort of. First, the terryspun, which I'm not in love with anyway, is discontinued. I am substituting with the Chenille T&Q in Grass green. the embelishments will be in the lovely varrigated color shown yesterday. BUT since I changed yarns, I also decided to go smaller on the needles. I think it will give a nicer fabric in the end. Instead of screwing with the gage swatches, I'll just knit the next size up. thsi is for a baby remember.... Second, WHY are the sleves and hood in GS? the body is in St St with a GS edging. so my hood will have a GS edge and the sleves will have GS cuffs. I think I can handle purling a few rows! this is supposed to be a challenge... and Third, I'm also adding the embeleshments from Marnie's Dragon sweater. The spine of the dragon is crochet, so I hope I wont' get disqualified.

2) Have you been reading closely? I've eluded to something in the last couple of posts, but I haven't flat out said it... should I tell you now, or let you guess???? ok- I 'll tell you since noone loves me enough to post a comment :( We are expecting another baby in August!!! THAT is who the sweater is for! Now, we have told some people already and I've noticed a lot of common comments and questions. I know you all mean well, but I'm tired and I'm hormonal, so I'll just cover it all here:
a) No, we dont know the sex yet - I'm only 8w2d (but who's counting!) I don't know if we are going to find out or not, I put Todd in charge of that decision. Go ask him. but I don't think he's decided yet.
b) Yes, I know I will be hot and miserable this summer. Thanks for reminding me...
c) NO, this was not an accident! a suprise, but no accident!
d) A lot of people have said "at least you don't need to buy anything" Not exactly true. Car seats are good for 5 years before the plastic starts to break down and the seats are no longer considered safe(FYI- plastic may not be BIO degradable, but it is PHOTOdegradable). ANdy will be 5 in May. do the math.. Kim will let us borrow her infant seat, but we'll still need new convertables. Since I will be returning to work, I'll need to pump. I had a great pump, but it was in my room during the fire. the ceiling fell in on it shortly after several thousands of gallons of water poured through, so now I need a new one AND my stupid insurance company says they'll only pay for it if the baby is in the NICU. but I'm working on that one... I don't think they get the fact that if I don't pump I WILL get mastitis, fast and frequently. I'm also checking the consignment shops for a mini cosleeper so we can have the baby in our room for the first few months w/o having him/her in our bed. oh yeah.. we're already stocking up on diapers... cna't reuse those. well, I know we could if we used cloth, but Todd is the one that changes and does the wash, and I don't think he could deal with cloth... and I almost forgot.. my car...my beloved purple mustang only has 2 seatbelts in the back.. sniff.. and We don't have the $ for a new car until we sell this one. anyone want to trade????

Forgive me my hormonal reamblings. I'm tired and it took me 20 minutes to find pants that would button AND zip this morning.... don't get me wrong we ARE getting excited!


Olympic Sweater

After careful deliberation, I've chosen this sweater.
However, this oh-so fuzzy yarn has been discontinued SO I think I'll go with this.
or whatever colorway they have in Jo-anns that strikes my fancy. yes this is LB Chenille T&Q. and all of you yarn snobs can just stop! this is for a BABY!!! they are messy little critters and I am NOT dry cleaning baby clothes! besides. how cuddly will this kid be in the chenille??? or I could do it in a brown with little ears on the hood.... I was actually toying with the idea of Marnie's dragon hoodie.. maybe I'll combine that concept w/ this pattern....


Knit Olympics

For thsoe of you who are not familiar with the Yarn Harlot, you're missing out! she is heading up the 2006 winter knit olympics! participants are going to cast on a project as soon as the torch is lit and try to complete it before the flame is extinguished. that is 16 days to complete a challenging project! I've joined the team and I'm going to knit a baby sweater. pattern TBD, but I'd like something in a top-down, one piece sort of thing. this will be a challenge ofr me b/c not only am I'm a new knitter but I've never knit a sweater! wish me luck!


What do you do on a VERY cold and snowy Sunday? You light a fire in the fireplace, make some hot chocolate and do something with all those UFOs!

First I FINALLY finished Todd's socks!!! I think I need to work on some socks for the boys and baby before I even attempt his again! (I'm ready to CO my Opal "Fish" socks tho!) then I moved on to the design I'm developing. DONE! It's crochet... Always quicker! Then I thought I'd start on mom's felted slippers, but when I found the needles, they had Ryan's hat on them, so I finished that too! He wore it to bed....

I will CO mom's slippers tonight, and I need to divide the skein for my socks as I am working 2 at a time from one skein. Normally, I'd work from both ends, but it is self patterning and I don't think I could handle the pattern in opposite directions.... And not to be without a crochet project... I began my second purple swap square! Only 33 more!

I'll post pics when I do something about that camera!



We will miss her dearly. She passed suddenly at around 4am. Todd got up for a drink amd she was eating her food and purring at Todd as he was talking to her. A few minutes later we heard a cry that we thought was one of the boys. Todd found her laying in the middle of the kitchen. Smokey didn't want to leave her side. She is being cremated and we're thinking of sprinkling her remains in the garden where she loved to play when she snuck out.


Supporting my Habit

It appears that a design idea I had has been picked up for publication!! I need to have the actual design in by the beginning of March and a sample worked up in April! I get paid AND a copy of the book AND I get the yarn for the sample, which I get to keep once the publicity is done! I'm so excited! I started swatching last night with some yarn form my stash. Of course I can't post pics of it here.. 2 reasons... the publication and a broken camera... GRRRRRR!!!!!

I'm also decreasing the toes for Todd's socks too! I'm crusin' down the home stretch now!


Good Riddance 2005!!!

It took a couple of tries.. but we finally had a nice Christmas! Santa was very good to the boys.. and to me!!! I got a Bacon-Egg & Cheese sandwich maker! VERY COOL! it makes a BEC in teh same time it takes to make my Tea in the morning! I also got a couple gift cert's to Janet Kemp's one of which is already spent! I also got some lovely jewlery and some clothes.

Todd spent Christmas and most of the week following in the Hopital.. that really sucked... he's doing MUCH better now! he has to follow up with his DR tomorrow, so we'll see...

Since I bought more yarn, I figured I needed to step up the pace on Todd's socks... almost to the toe decreases now.. I'm SO bored with them! I only have those and Ryan's socks and a hat OTN right now. BUT I've got a bunch of projects waiting for me to knit/crochet them... and I've got LOTS of squares to send out for my swap...

the digi cam crapped out so no pics for a while :(