Tigers and Wolves OH MY!

I didn't realize what I was getting myself into! I knew that I couldnt jsut drop them off at scouts. I knew that I had to work with Ryan (the Tiger Cub) but umm.. WOW there is a LOT to do at home!

They have the day off today, so Dad (the former Cub Scout) is helping them learn what they need to earn their Bobcat badges.

I was looking through some Electives and a lot of them are things we were planning on doing with the kids already! That eases things a bit...

I know it'll be good for them and they will really enjoy it, but I wasn't expecting ME to have to do work...


I Felt(ed) That!

This past weekend was National Alpaca Farm Days and CT DOAG's "Tour de Farms" (too bad it rained!). One of the participating farms is just a half mile or so from my parents' house, so Mom and I took the boys on Saturday.

They got to meet sheep, alpaca, a llama and a goat and the woman who raises them. They asked a lot of GREAT questions! they asked about what they ate, where they slept, how they were sheared and did it hurt (it doesnt - they look forward to it. wool gets hot in the spring!). Perhaps the best question was from Ryan. He asked her why there were thermometers all over the barn. I didnt even notice them! She explained where the animals come from (mountains!) and that their coats keep them very warm - especialy in the summer - so she has to make sure that the animals are cool enough and if it gets too warm, she gives them baths - even 2 or 3 a day. ALso, in the winter, she needs to make sure they are warm too.

Since I was chasing an over-stimulated toddler, I didn't get any pictures.. BUT I did get some fibers!

I got 8oz of lovely roving from "Shadow" whom we all got to meet - and I thanked for the wool! It is all carded and ready to spin. Hmm... spin... I've never done that...

Mom dug out the drop spindle that my brother made for her in shop class an eternity ago and attempted to remember enough to teach me. I got started and I'm pretty sure it is a hot mess. thickness is all over the place and it is certainly overspun. sigh...

I dont know what I'll make from this mess, but it'll be mine!
I also picked up a needle felting kit for the boys and I to do together. They picked out a ghost kit. I made one to figure out how it worked then showed them. they had SUCH a blast that I may have to get more roving and let them make some Christmas ornaments for gifts.

That is Ryan felting his ghost. Mine is the one on the left in the last picture. Andy's is on the right.
stay tuned for more "as my yarn spins...."


Who are these people?

and why do they talk funny?
Eh - that's OK. Aunt Lorna and Uncle Hal are pretty cool!


TGIF 9/26

  • patience
  • Noro Silk Garden
  • perfect and elegant timing
  • getting the job done
  • trying new things
  • foresight
  • fantasy
  • reality
  • desires
  • my boys
  • my life
  • my home
  • yarn & fabric

oh- and since I mentioned it... my desires include:

  • funky Wellies (ok- totally stole that from Kathy... but hey, she's smart!)
  • a new fall wardrobe including tights (but I'll pass on the stirrup pants thankyouverymuch!)
  • registering the 2nd car so I don't have to ride in the rain/ice/snow/slush.
  • gold and blue fabrics for my "Amber" charm quilt


It all happens SO fast!

I can remember exactly when they were conceived (really). I remember their births like it was yesterday. It wasn't that long ago it seemed like neither one would ever learn to use the potty. I remember thinking how "grown up" they were sending them off to pre-k and then Kindergarten - aka "real" school.
Now, they have nightly homework, friends, hobbies and interests that don't involve me. They don't need me to pick out clothes or to make breakfast.
They are such big kids it scares me. Soon (too soon) they will be off riding their bikes or boards to their friends houses, asking for cell phones and cars, learning to drive and getting jobs (at least they will if they want a cell phone or a car).
For now, I am overwhelmed with pride when I see my guys (voluntarily) sitting at the table doing their math homework! Ryan really loves it, but has a hard time reading the instructions. Reading really frustrates him. Andy, however, sat there saying how hard it was and how much he hated math. I looked at his paper. He had ALL the correct answers! Don't know why he hates it so - maybe b/c he has to think. He's the reader. he is WAY ahead of grade level with his reading.


Yup, It's fall!

with the baby knitting taken care of, I was able to get back to my regularly scheduled UFOs. I finished off the hyperbolic ball I've been playing with, which will in all likelyhood be a part of another baby gift..


I've got another one going in Bernat Baby Blanket for yet another baby gift.

With cooler weather comming, I knew it was time to get the kneedles flying on Colin's longies! I think there is an error in the pattern for the gussets, but I figured it out. It just calls for the increases on one side of the marker, but they need to be on BOTH sides to be symetric - like most humans generally are. I ended up just casting off the crotch stitches and sewing them up. If they were a gift I probably would have been neater, but they are for my kid to wear to bed, so I'm going with easy. I picked up 4 stitches along the BO/seam on each leg. I decreased those down to 1 additional stitch that I am keeping the rest of the way down the leg. I am working both legs at once on a long (32"?) circular. I've got the first green stripe done already. now... to figure out how long to make the legs!


once these are done, I can cast on my Noro Silk Garden Entrlac scarf that I've been dreaming about and get cracking on my anniversary stole. Time for new pics of the stole too. I've made a bit of progress since the last photo.


pitter patter

I've already shown you the BSJ
and the Baby Tychus
I also made a pair of cutie booties to go with them
I wrapped them up and headed off to Statten Island to give the gift of knitwear.
(When did SI get so far away? the rest of NYC is pretty darned close! so what - she was worth every mile!)

Generally, baby showers are (supposed to be) a surprise to the new mommy, but turns out she had a surprise for us! The little guest of honor decided to make an early appearance! Fortuanely, she wasn't too early.

She is fully cooked and quite healthy! Mom is doing great too! So great to see Jen and Nate again. I also go to visit with Lauren, Jen and their little boys (I was kidless!).


TGIF- 9/19

  • desire
  • daydreams
  • being the daydream
  • Tea time with the garbage man
  • fun weekend plans
  • my knitting skillz
  • the ability to conjure
  • my own wisdom
  • good news
  • bananas
  • season hockey tickets!
  • perfect and elegant timing
  • not having to sit in traffic, was gas/money, pollute the air and slowly go insane.
  • eye candy
  • candy
  • mmmm... candy
  • B&J banana splits


we have a hat!

I made a hat to go with the BSJ (which now has all 5 buttons sewn on!). I used the Tychus pattern, but made a few mods. I only used the one yarn that I used for the jacket. I only cast on 26 stitches and then did the short rows down to 20. it made the crown smaller, but it also made the "wedges" smaller, so I ended up with 12 wedges. I also added a crochet trim to match the jacket. The only thing I don't like is the seam. I much prefer hats worked in the round, but I liked the look of this hat with the BSJ.

Now, I'm working on the booties!


I'm "it"

So, Meghann tagged me... 6 quirky things about myself... this is a tough one.. I've done a bunch of these before.. I even did 100 things about me... those were a few years ago and life in my world has changed quite a bit. As I sit here thinking about 6 new things, I'm finding they revolve around my kids. I love my kids and they do come first, but they aren't me. So.. 6 things about ME...

  1. I dream about my knitting projects. really.. I got an awesome new yarn in the mail Monday and that night I dreamt about the scarf that I'll be making with it. Not the first time I've done that... seriously though.. REALLY cool yarn! (Noro Silk Garden!)

  2. I have a very hard time making friends. I have been painfully shy my entire life. I still am, but I've learned to put on my big girl panties and deal (a talent I owe to Christine for teaching me). I was tired of saying "no" to everything because I was too damn scared to say "yes". I was missing out on my own life. However, since I spent so much of life not interacting with the world at large, I never really developed the social skills to make new friends. Andy's therapist suggested we teach him- explicitly - how to make friends since he seems to be deficient in the social skills as well. I'm all over that... as soon as I figure it out myself....

  3. My birthday is in 30 days. What do I want? 2 things - 1) my husband to send me flowers at work (feel free to drop him hints!) and, 2) a pole - a dance pole. OK fine, call it a stripper pole if you must. No. I am NOT considering a career change. It is all about the exercise - both mental and physical. Think I'm nuts? check out http://www.sfactor.com/ I took an intro class and OMG I wish NYC were closer! it is such an empowering experience. I hope Sheila can find a way to bring it to the masses - or at least the 'burbs - sooner rather than later!

  4. I spend about 2 hours a day commuting. I enjoy it! no- really I do! If I drove and had to sit in traffic while my SUV was idling away my paycheck, I doubt I'd feel the same way. I start my commute and my day with a short cardio workout by riding my bike to the train. on the train, I can get comfy and knit - which is my meditation - my zen. Then I walk out of the station and hop on a bus that drops me at the door to my office (I knit on the bus too). Repeat in reverse on the way home. It's all pretty relaxing and quite civilized....

  5. I'm not a girly-girl. yeah.. I know... not new information. Here is the catch.. I wish I were. well.. maybe just a bit more girly.. I love wearing dresses a buying pretty shoes. However, I'd rather go barefoot and I never remember to put any make-up on.. sigh..

  6. This has been a real struggle for me. I was tempted to go with the karate/soccer/hockey mom stuff, but that is more about my kids than me. I thought about talking about my knitting.. but I blog about that regularly anyway... I considered going the favorite book/movie/TV show/drink route - BTDT. I wanted to give my readers a bit more of the real "me".

now.. to tag my victims....

Kathy because the whole pole thing is her fault! thanks!

Cathy since she had such lovely suggestions for me she must have even better ones for herself...

Cynthia needs to update her blog some more too...

Adelina and maybe she'll post some more of her pretty glass too!

Heather always has something interesting to say - and she beat J. Lo...

Deb if she isn't too busy booking the ambassador's personal appearances. Go wish her blog a happy Birthday too!


The Element of Surprise

When I learned that friends of mine were finally expecting a little girl after a long bumpy road of trying, I was over the moon for them. When I landed back on Earth, my inner Knitter reminded me that this new baby needs to be wrapped in knitting. I searched and searched the patterns on Ravelry and everything was rejected.. until I came across Elizabeth Zimmerman's (EZ) Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ). Now, for those of you who are out of the magic loop (har har - ok if you didnt get that REALLY bad pun.. I mean you!) EZ is a knitting GENIUS! not only does she design beautiful knitwear, but she engineers her designs very well. She uses math (I'm sure of it!) with great care. Her construction methods just boggle the mind - and the BSJ is the prime example. Since this little lady will have two engineers for parents, I KNEW this was the right pattern (besides - I wanted to see what the fuss was about).

The word on the street, (OK- ravelry and blogland) was to just do what she tells you and trust that it'll all work out. I don't make it a practice to blindly follow directions, BUT it was great advice when I first learned to turn a heel...

I headed over to my LYS, which was coincidentally having its grand re-opening (I was underwhelmed -again- by the service, BUT I did get 20% off!). I picked up some lovely and soft Velvet Touch yarn - kind of a chenille, but nicer- and a copy of the pattern.

When I got home, I put Colin down for his (overdue) nap and cast on. - blindly following directions. Once I got past the decreases for the sleeves (I may do "puff" sleeves on the next girly one now that I know how it works out) and started increasing again, I could see more clearly where it was going.

I kept increasing and BO for the neck. kept going..

working the center only for 10 ridges... scratching my head the entire time...

Picked up the 10 sts on the side of the center 10 (why arent' there more pictures of this part on the internet???)

added my buttonholes.

I used a crochet picot bind off for a little extra feminity.

Folded it, sewed it up and added the buttons.

now for a matching hat....


TGIF- 9/12

  • my chiro
  • a hubby that "gets" me
  • words
  • kid sized potty seats
  • a sense of humor
  • friends
  • power
  • imagination
  • perfect and elegant timing
  • 20% off yarn
  • my many talents
  • patients - what little I have left...
  • the ability to advocate for my kids
  • music
  • "Uncle" JR lending a hand.
  • hand-me-down Pumas for Colin (THANKS MIMMY!)
  • phone call from teachers praising my kids!


Lost and Found

When I dropped off the boys' disposable cameras I also dropped off an old roll of film. I had no idea what was on it - or even how old it was (though we've been digital for at least 5 years).

When I saw this on top of the stack, I nearly burst into tears!

That was Oreo laying in a box of Christmas Ornaments! She was just a wee kitten there and she's been gone now almost 3 years.

Turns out the film was from Christmas 1999 - our first Christmas as husband and wife (and kitten)!

Then there are some of my nephews in a much younger state. Owen (on the left) was 8mo and Jake was about a week shy of 1yo. They are 9 now...

And I wore GLASSES! geez... that's going back!


Purple Swapghan of Gold

These pics were with the camp pics, so I FINALLY have some photos of my finished "Gold Medal" afghan from the Ravelympics. Reavlery link is here. The squares were from a swap 3(?) years ago and assembled using "Dudessembly" by Drew Emborsky. I'm in love with the final product! EXACTLY what I wanted!


Camp - the kids' perspective (photo heavy!)

I gave Andy and Ryan each a disposable camera (yeah.. the kind with film. now you know why this post took so long!)

The highlights from Andy's perspective (I'll spare you t he dining hall, the rock and the puddle!)

our Cabin:

at the beach:

From Ryan's Perspective:
self portraint:

Andy from the treetops:

Look closely, there are people swining on ropes in those trees!

I took these of the boys on the low ropes course.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

What did I do at Camp? Well, I found a few minutes to knit here and there and started some longies for Colin. I'm calling them the "HiRock Longies" (Ravelink here ) because the colors reminded me of the trees. see (wooden tree painted by Ryan at Arts & Crafts):


TGIF- 9/5/08

Not a great week.. so this is a tough one..

  • sleep - what little I got
  • knitting
  • Nemo
  • Monkey
  • Krafty comming to visit!
  • big boys going back to school and being big boys
  • cuppycakes
  • leftover frosting (sssshhh! dont tell my ass!)
  • presents for ME in the mail
  • intellect
  • engineering expertise
  • smart doctors
  • modern medicine
  • nicer train cars on the Shoreline East trains


Happy Birthday Todd!

Happy 34th to my darling hubby!

So, what did the Birthday boy get? well, yesterday he got this:


That's right... it's back to school for the big guys! Daddy used his quiet day to get his arm tattoo worked on. it's been 1/2 done and looking pretty sad for a long time.

The big boys had a great first day. They love their new teachers and are very excited about a new year!

I got to spend the day monkeying around with Colin... and speaking of Monkeys and Colin... he had his party on Sunday:

overall, an extra good extra long weekend!