Phriday is Phor Phish & Phelting!

First of all.... The much discussed and never shown Phish Socks!!!!
So was it worth the wait??? Didn't think so...

So how did I spend my Friday night???? Mike stopped by and we all went to Farley's for dinner (MMMMmmmmm!!!!) then he and Todd went out and I put the boys to bed and got to work felting!

I felted my slippers.


Ididn't show the cat toy...Wonder Why...

I also felted the crochet soaker. It didn't shrink much, but it really fulled nicely Thing is..The rise looked REALLY huge for a newborn. I showed it next to my first fitted for size comparison. I think may fold it over for the elastic casing. I was going to use a fabric casing hidden inside...


I sewed this earlier in the week but this is the cashmere soaker/cover that I made. It is stuffed with the fitted shown next to the soaker above.

Aside from that.Wewe got a new..Wellll to us anyway... Laptop So far it is getting along well with the new camera and the wirelesnetwork. If we can get an internet connection at the hospital, we should be able to post baby pics fresh from the oven!


Felting follies

OK so here is my promised knitting content. pics to follow.. I forgot to take them last night... oops!

anywho.. the Phish are on stand by. I'm on pheather and phan overload! at least for hte foot half was st st, so I had a break, but I didnt' get bored with all stst either. then there was the goal of getting past those heels.. now.. I'll just knit util they are long enough and add some ribbing. thinking about a crochet picot bo at he top... I'll figure that out when I get there...

the reason I put phish on the back burner to begin with is to have my "Fuzzy Feet" ready to pack for the hospital .. and Ive only got about 10w to go!!!! so I turned both enormous heels last night and I knitted 2 more rounds before I added in a strand of LB Fun Fur in Red. not exactly the same red as the cascade 220 wool, but they look good togehter. the pattern says to knt a 3" cuff, but since theses are toe up I may jsut knit until I run outo of Cascade. I'll have fun fur left to sit in my stash for a decade or two.. or I may use it in a felted cat bed... anyway, I'm SO far off of hte original pattern, I hesitate to even call them Fuzzy Feet anymore! I made them toe up instead of cuff down. I changed yarns and added hte fun fur.. BUT I'll be felting soon!!!!

speaking of felting, I felted an old sweater and some swatches last night. the swatches were crocheted with a handspun MIL brought me from a trip to Scotland. (yes, she travels the world and brings me wool!!! I've got a pretty good MIL!) It didnt really shrink a whole lot, but it did full up nicely. so you are prebably thinking "yeah, but what's the swatching for and WHY did you felt your sweater???" well.. brace yourself.. we're going back to diaperland! I made a fitted diaper from stash scraps the other night and now I'm going to make some wool soakers to go over it and a few other fitteds I'll be making. I made the fitted with the MB pattern too. I also cut up the felted sweater and used that for the soaker/cover using the MB pattern. as I was cleaning up I realize dthat the sweater I felted was cashmere NOT wool!!! CRAP! Now I odn't mind hte felting/cutting of the sweater. it had seen better days and was going one way or another. but I don't know if cashmere will work like wool.. Anyone???

so I've got a soaker and a pair of slippers to finish then it is felting time!! YAYAYAY!! I don't know why it is SO exciting to watch all my work shringk into oblivion.. but it is fun! maybe b/c it takes the mistakes with it .....

if my snakeskin PUL ever shows up, I'll be going diaper crazy this weekend!!

oh and I sewed a nursing PJ top yesterday too....


Update on Mom

I finally go tto talk to mom last night. she sounded tired, but in good spirits. but then it was almost 10pm. she had a rough time on wednesday with the pain, but the Vicodin seems to be working w/o any adverse reactions. she's been up and walking (wiht the help of morphine!). she said the first time was extremely painful, but it gets easier every time. she should be home tomorrow.


pics for pockets

OK- as I promised, here are the step-by-step pics I took while making the second set of MB pockets. I was experimenting with ripstop. I used 2 layers of it under a jersey knit with a microfleece inner. I'm thinking daytime diaper, BUT it should be nice and cool on his bottom...

Here you can see the width differance in the outer and inner layers in the crotch. rumor has it that this pattern tends to have a wide crotch and many people like to narrow it. any feedback from those who've tried it? how much did you take in? where did you take it in?

first.. I sewed the back elastic on. when I do my front flap pockets (which I'll finish/post once my PUL gets here!), this elastic will be done at the same time and in the same manner as the leg elastics.

then I added the velcro. Loop tape on the front and a crossover tab. (these are size "little" (10-20#) I'm hoping to skip the NB size b/c mine start out 8-10#s so I'm cheating it a bit with the c/o tab).

the hook tape closure tabs and loop tape washing tabs are sewn to the fleece (I was making 2 at a time and you are looking at both liners here). I've thought of sewing on little flaps of fabric to fold over and cover the velcro for washing, but then I'd have to eliminate the C/O tab or sew the velcro on it... I'll have to try that on my next one too...

After I serged from one end of the pocket opening all the way around to the other, (boring no pic.. sorry..) I added the elastic to the leg openings. I should have cleaned my sewing table first, but I disengaged the blade, did a few stay stitches at one end, pulled the lastin tight- really tight!and stitched to the other end marking. I turned the fabric and sewed off of the edge and trimmed the extra off.

OK - I promise some knitting content next time.. 'cause I really have been knitting too!!!!

hey- I told ya - Martha on crack!


Mama's Got a Brand Brand New Knee!

Mom's in recovery now. surgury went well. She should be walking on it tonight! I'll have more info later!

I'm still a hormonal wreck....

Freakin' Hormones!!!

for those of you who've never been PG let me explain about the hormones.. first of all most of what you see on TV/movies about PG & birth is complete fiction! but there is a bit of truth in the hormonal PG woman thing, but what really happens is that the hormones take normal emotion and amplify it. thing is.. it could be 10x it could be 1,000,000x or more... and you just never know when it's comming. so, if I get annoyed at you, it doen't mean it is JUST the hormones, it means that the hormones made it MORE annoying. got it? ok- good! don't ask me again! while I'm at it .. don't ask me stupid questions (no I'm not having twins, I know my baby is going to be big, and my uterus nad cervix is NONE of your business - unless you are Katy), do NOT offer me medical advice unless you are a trained medical professional and that advice pertains to your area of expertise. (ie: if you are a hospital security gaurd, you are NOT qualified to tell me I shouldn't walk up a filght of stairs! but if you are a Vegan Doc, feel free to suggest alternate protien sources..). and lastly... I do NOT need or want to hear how horrible your labor/delivery experience was (I'm sorry that your birth was not what you had hoped for, but that isn't my problem! I've done this before and I am intelligent and educated and my decision for a NCB is based on having a healthy alert baby and an easy recovery for me. I have nothing to prove and I really don't feel that I have to "prove" anything and for thaqt matter I really don't need to justify my choice to you!).

anyway, I've just been a wreck this morning... as you can tell.... I guess it is a 1,000,000x day... I got an email from an OL friend saying that she has her baby shower at work today and her friends are throwing a shower for her this weekend and she can't imagine what she still needs b/c her family shower (60 people!!!) was last weekend and she has so much stuff from her first baby, who is 3.... while I am happy for her.. I end up in tears! thinking noone loves me and that noone else is excited about this baby....

see... the thing is.. with your first, you have the shower and e/o has to throw in their 2 cents on pregnancy, birth and parenting... it seems like the whole world is excited adn e/o shows up at the hospital to see the new baby... then if you have another close together... appearantly the world seems to think this is an accident! that noone could possibly WANT to have 2 under 2! guess what! WE did!! and I've NEVER regretted it for a minute! and I wouldn't change it for the world! but unti he was born it seemed like Todd and I were the only ones excited about it. I didn't really need more "stuff" just a twin stroller that Mom bought me... so I didn't need a shower, but I felt like I was missing out on the celebration of that PG by not having one. only a handfull of people came to see us in the hospital.. oddly enough, it was mostly people who lived out of town but were visiting for the holiday (Thanksgiving weekend!).

now, I don't really think it is a secret that this PG was a bit of a shock to say the least and it came at a pretty stressful time too! but when you concive a child while you are using birth control only hours after having a Priest bless your home, you can't rule out divine intervention... this baby wasn't exactly in our plans, but we realize now that we really do need him... unplanned CERTAINLY does NOT mean unwanted! not in our house! but again, the world seems to think.. "oh. another one? how are you going to pay for college? where are you going to put another child? you need a bigger car!" and my personal favorite "Do you wnat three boys?" yes, someone really said that! actually 2 people said it to me in less than 24 hours! but you know we've thoguth of that too and those things - well except the last! - keep us up nights. but, he's going to be here in a little more than 10 weeks no matter what....

I got a few congrats e-mails from friends, and my "mommy" friends are really excited for us, and now that it has sunk in, the grandparents are pretty excited - at least the grandmothers are.. hard to tell with the Papas (men!). but the rest of the family really could care less. Todd's sister - who we are nt' speaking too (that's another post all togehter!) sent us a nice card. not one of his aunts, uncles or cousins has called, sent a note or an e-mail...

and again no shower to celebrate the PG... Mom promised one if I had a girl b/c I have no "girl" stuff. but I have no girl either... actually after 2 boys, most of what I do have is broken, worn out, stained, or too old to meet safetly gidelines (carseats). that is if it dodn't get water/mold damage from the fire. most of hte babystuff was in a closet directly below the fire... breastpumps and monitors short out with that much water and anything that absorbs moisture gets moldy... so I actually do need the stuff this time too..

So, now that I sound like a selfish spoiled child.. I'm going to blame it on the hormones!


T is for Tuesday

T is for Todd-

he's been great about reminding me to do my kegals! and to encourage me, he does his PT exercises for his hand, well... now he's got almost full mobility back! it'll never be 100% again, but he could hardly move it before the second surgury.

T is for Tummy-

it's getting BIG! but so is the squirt. he still has no name and even if he did we wouldnt tell ya. some things still need to be suprises!

T is for tweaking - NO! I mean my diaper pattern... Todd was thinking that a front-loader would be better, but I wonder about the insert creeping out or the diaper leaking- as boys tend to leak out the top anyway... so what I'm thinking is to add a little envelope flap in the front. it may help catch leaks and keep the insert in. but I'm wondering if I should keep the back opening as an option too. any cd useres/sewers care to chime in?

T is for Things on the Needles - ok so it's a bit of a streach, BUT I've got about 1" up the cuff of Phish!!! WOO HOO!!! AND I'm half way throught the foot of my not-so-Fuzzy Feet. I've completely tweaked that pattern too.. It is toe up instead of cuff down, I changed out the yarn and I'm going to add in a strand of fun fur on the cuffs. it'll be red on red. I'm hoping to have those done to wear in the hospital.

T is for Tomorrow - Mom is having her knee replacement! she is scared to death, but anxious to get it done. it'll be a tough road to recovery, but she is committed to doing the PT and getting her life back. she's become pretty crippled over the last 9 months or so. she'll be walking on her new knee tomorrow! Please keep he in your thoughts and prayers as she goes through thsi operation and long recovery.

TTFN! I'll be back to post soem pics of the Nemo Nursary when I get a chance. We're going to use a 2nd hand changing table and paint it white like the crib. we use dhte dresser last time, but we got a new one for that room that just won't work as a changing table. we'll also need the extra storage space for the CDs. they are so cute I don't mind leaving them out for the world to see!


finally some pics...

Finally!!! I got the camera to work and Blogger wouldn't cooperate!

I'll start with Ryan in his Dora & Diego pocket trainers.. he LOVES them! I HATE this FOE! Ineed to replace it with the good stuff...

Procare pail liner in my Diaper Dekor+. just a bag with an elastic top!

Spidey Diaper from MB pattern below... pre velcro..bad pic.. I'll take soem step-by-step with the ones I'm working on now...

Nemo & Dad made with my copy of a FB.

Todd made me do it!