A "visit" from an old friend...

Did you ever have one of those dreams where you wake-up and wnat to go back to sleep so you can stay in the dream a little longer?

Last night/this morning, Chris "stopped by" to say Happy Anniversary to Todd and I. A bunch of us were hanging out in my front yard (since we can't go in the house..). She brought some delicous imported chocloates. Mmmmmmmmm.... I can't remember exactly who was there now, but hte place was packed and I know I was talking to Capo... I hate how dreams fade so quickly.... It has been a while, but I really do enjoy Chris' visits.


Pink Rufled FO!

Pink Ruffle Sox all done! other than making and attaching the ruffle, they were pretty basic. attaching the ruffle was a MAJOR PITA! I hope they fit and I hope Samantha likes them. They were done early, so I have to wait a few weeks for her birthday to see. Posted by Hello


Andy's 4th Birthday!

click on the "My Photos" link below to see pictures from Andy's big day! He had SUCH a good time! I can't believe he is 4!! where did the time go?

Star Wars Horoscope

Star Wars Horoscope for Libra

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Star wars character you are most like: Obi Wan Kenobie

If I ever leave Todd it will be for Ewan MacGreggor!!!!


The completed "Comming Home" poncho. Homespun with an N hook I forgot the color name now... but it is a dark purple with a strand to teal. VERY soft! warm too. Posted by Hello
Close-up of the edge detail on the "comming home" poncho. this was why I fell in love with the pattern! Posted by Hello
almost done with the heel flaps on the Ruffle sox.  Posted by Hello


Here are Samantha's PInk Ruffle Sox. I am using Bernat Sox in hot pink. this is the pattern on the label. It was pretty tricky. youu knit the ruffle on 2 needles and then knit the ribbing on 2 needles and then you join the two by doing a k2tog, BUT one stitch from each needle! yup that was tricky! then you join and knit in the round. you go back and stitch up the opening later. (already done in this picture). they look a little small, but since it si a short anklet, I am going to knit 1 more inch, and then do the heel, but I won't decr all the gusset stitches. theya re a suprise, so I won't be able to have her try them on, so I'll have to wing it... Posted by Hello
Finally DONE!!! my second pair of socks! I did these with the 2S2C method. It worked well once I got the swing of it. the cast on and join were a little confusing... I also tried short row heels and toes. I'm not too pleased with them tho- BIG holes! I think I'm doing something wrong when I purl too, the stitches look twisted on the purl rows. I don't think these will wear as well as the dutch heel that I did on mine, but I'm sure he'll outgrow them before that is an issue. I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease. it was tough to knit with- it split a lot and I dont' know how it will wear as socks either, but the fabric is firm and soft. I hope he likes them! I wrapped them up for his birthday next week even tho he saw me making them and he's tried them on along the way. he hasn't seen them done tho. Posted by Hello
And HERE"S ANDY! aka green sock boy! Geese I hope they are big enough ;) Posted by Hello


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here's a shocker!!!

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i've been bad- I know. I've just been dealing with some stuff that I really don't feel like putting here for the whole world to see.

anywhooooo- I had the follow up meeting to my review of Friday. I now have 10% more reasons to LOVE my job!!! Don't get me wrong I love what I do and this is a great company to do it for. but to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't work if I didn't need to! but the raise does cover the payments on the Highlander, so that is a HUGE relief! oh- and another review in 2 months!! Good news is such a refreshing change...