House update!!!

we're ALMOST there! BTW- can anyone help us move some furniture on Sunday???? PLEESE!!!!! :)

First up Kitchen.. still demolishing the floor.. the window will be installed Wednesday....(picture to follow...)

I really like the lr/hall color with the new floors - and I lOVE my new light too!

Drapes are Hung in the Master br.

Spidey is hangin around Andy's room.

Ryan's "boat-bed" is just missing the bed (in the trailer...)

and of course the most important part of the family room.. TV an toys!



This is our new kitten Smokey! he is SO used to being around little kids and of course mine won't leave him alone! He loves them tho and I think he enjoy's the attention!

oh yeah... it SNOWED on Thanksgiving!


WIP Wednesday!!!


Now.. Why am I up and posting at this hour??? well.. here's my first WIP to explain....

Yup.. I'm baking some of Grammy's rasin bread... I bet you're wishing you came over now Kathy! ;)

I'm also working on this...

It is Ryan's hat from the mini KAL here. Kinda looks like a bra in this pic tho... hmmm NO!

then of course I'm STILL working on Todd's socks. I measured last night.. I'm halfwa through the foot BEFORE the toe decrease... sigh...

then of course I'm on square # 1 for swap #52... I'll add a white SC border when the knitting is done. Any takers?

I really like the effect of the seed stitch with these yarns. It is VERY soft too!

oh- almost forgot... the Basketweave teacher's scarf is done... I just thought you all might be as sick of looking at it as I was... I think I'm going to use teh stitch pattern from the secret scarf on the afore mentioned blog for the next...


Sort of Friday...

well- it is only Wednesday, BUT I'm off the rest of the week and packing and (hopefully!) moving something... in! our mattress was delivered today!!!! WAHOO!!! oh and i picked out the light fixtures too!!

anyway.. instead of a free pattern... I'm casting on a hat for one of the boys tonight... maybe both.. who know? anyway it is a mini hat-a-long from one of my fav knitting blogs. http://ma2ut.blogspot.com/ what I love about this is that it is like a toe-up sock for the head... which is why I'm thinking I'll use the turkish CO ( which is not entirely circular, but I think it will suffice...) and a modified ML. If my cable is long enough, I'll pull 2 loops unilt it is big enough, then I can switch to a smaller cable, then bigger.. did I mention that my interchangable needles came???

I'll update with Pics and progress in my WIP post this evening. I'm baking my Thanksgiving bread and I'll have time while the dough rises...

OH and in other Knitting blog news... I hav a new favorite knitting blog... http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/ pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and prepare to laugh yourself silly!


Breast is Best..

period. end of sentance! here is reason #8,673,497 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4459520.stm also a good reason NOT to buy Nestle products. Obviously, they don't care about children...

this is a seriously touchy subject for me! Don't get me wrong... If you can't bf, then formula (not Carnation!) is the best alternative. But my heart breaks for those babies who's mothers won't even try. I'm sad for the Mommies too.. they have NO idea what they are missing! find out here.

I think Lois tried giving Stewie some Carnation formula once...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

update and quiz

well I forgot my camera this weekend! an since the floors are curing, I can't go in the house anyway... the painting- except the kitchen- is done. we're waiting for the new kitchen window.. and Mike the electrician has to come back and install the outlets, switches and fixtures... then we can go home! we'll start moving stuff in as soon as the floors are done tho...

and here is a fun quiz...
The Noble Princess
You are just and fair, a perfectionist with a
strong sense of proper decorum. You are very
attracted to chivalry, ceremony and dignity.
For the most part you are rather sensible, but
you are also very idealistic.
Role Models: Guinevere, Princess Fiona (of Shrek)
You are most likely to: Get kidnapped by a stray

What Kind of Princess are You? - Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)

I guess I am Fiona... I just need a little Fiona!


The City of Milford

can "BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS"!!!! I am trying to get Ryan signed up for pre-k and they are doubting my residency! I gave tehm the proof they wanted... they said that someone was by the house and noone was living there. Hmm so they could tell this from the street? or where they trespassing???? either way we pay our taxes to the city of MILFORD! dill holes! reason #5643 to send my kids to St. Ann's....

They are messing with the wrong Mommy!!!!

I think I have a problem..

A yarn problem.. I went into Joann's last night. I proceded directly to the yarn section. (there was a time- when I had a sewing room-that I would wander the fabric aisles first) after fodleing the different fibers and comparing the gage of the woolease thick and quick to the chunky, It occured to me that I was not there to buy yarn... I was there to get pom-poms and googly eyes! DUH! BUT I did leave withous so much as a skein of yarn! I did order some amazing sari silk on Friday....


Free Pattern Friday!!!

here's a fun one... remember that Titty I posted a few weeks ago???? well, how a bout a uterus to go with it??? HMMMM maybe we can knit ourselves a woman one organ at a time!

I just won a set of boye interchangable needles on Ebay! YAY me!! less than 1/2 the price of joanns! oh and I ordered some sari silk yarn too... I've got a design crawling around my head for that one!


WIP Wed!

A couple other updates first tho.. we had Andy P/T (no the PPT!) at Pumpkin ( his SN program). He is doing great! he is playing with the other children adn DEFINITELY thinking outside the box! AND he has mastered most of the skills they expect him to master by the end of the year! GO ANDY!

I stopped by the house after the meeting and OMG I LOVE the color in Andy's room!!! It totally rocks! the family room color looks great too! Andy started packing his toys today.... my mattress comes next week!

Now for my WIPs...

I stuck them all in one shot... top right is Todd's socks, just starting the second repeat on the foot (it is a 3" repeat!_..the itty bitty sock top center is Ryan's sled sock. I have it in my purse "just in case" and I've made a lot of progres!... in the center is the basket weave scarf nearing completion-tomorrow maybe? nex one down is the crochet teacher scarf I did last week. best part is I used every bit of that yarn! no leftovers!.. adn last on top is teh first of my purple&white squares for my swap.it is 1 strand white WW and 1 strand of this really soft lavender fuzzy stuff I got in the $1 bin @ Target. I'll edge it with a border of sc in white to make it easier for a non-knitter to join them.

FYI- if any of my fellow swapers (swap #52) are reading this, I will continue to post squares for the swap here. If you see something you like, stake your claim in the comment section bleow!

I found a doozy for friday! bet you can't wait!

Crocheters and knitters unite!

why is it that projects have to be one or the other?? I love knitted things with crochet trim... I like crocheting together knitted squares! Those of you in the purple/white swap be ware! I am attempting to KNIT my squares- but don't panic! I'll do a sc border on them.

Why is it that as crocheters we resign ourselves to craft store acrylics and novelty yarns? go to your LYS and dive in to those lush fibers! I promise they won't kick you out if htye find out that you "only" crochet. In fact I have it on good authority that you cna even buy hooks and crochet patterns there as well.

while we are at it... fellow(and lady) crochers.. let's take our artform serioulsy. lets step away from the granny squares and the doilies and explore the uncharted waters. Learn some new techniques.. and for goodness sake..lets all learn good finishing technique and teach each other! Crochet is just as much an art as knitting. lets stop selling our work short and give it and ourselves the respect we deserve!

WIPs to follow tonight...if I can get on-line...


My house... Monday update!

Yes, I'm aware it is still Sunday!

first of all- I need to publicly give HUGE props to Rich! He got far more done than everyone else put together on Saturday.. I can't thank him enough for spending his day off... Working @ my house. Thanks Rich! And thanks to Erika for loaning him out!

ok- now for some pictures!!!

this is Rich's masterpiece! I am really happy with this color! It is going to look nice with the white furniture and the old drapes!

Ryan's room ... His bed will go in front of the mast and Todd and I will paint the sails on it next weekend ( can we say leftover paint?) the colors are FAR less scary on the walls than in the can. And yes.. That is a Nemo border... It matches his bedding!

this is the master bedroom. The contrast wall is done now too, but I didn't have the light to get a decent shot of it.

and here is a close up of the drapes I spent ALL day today making! I bought a drape rod that matches my bed and rings with clips, so it will just clip on to the top of the drape! No rod pockets or any of that crap to deal with! But the beads were enough "fun" for one day... Now I just need to sew the sheers for the side window and pick up the blinds for the front/bay window.

Andy has his clouds! Notice the pearescent sheen on the clouds! He has his blue walls now too.. But I wasn't there today for pictures :( He is also getting fabric squares with spidey on them startched onto the walls like "wallies". I'm also making valances to match the bedding for both boys.

Look what I got!!!!

Todd and I went to get my b-day present today!

and Todd got this.....


Free Pattern Friday!

Hmmm..... what kinds of patterns would you like to see? you know I do have a comments section!!!!

how about.... this link has patterns and donating info for Project Linus! Consider a christmas gift for a child in need of a soft warm blanket!

WIPs - belated...

no pics, but an update...

-Ryan's Sledding socks : I'm glad I stuck these in my purse... I'm making great headway! I'm up to teh ase of the ankle. this is where I would do a heel if I was going to put one in. I figure tube socks may not have a perfect fit, but he'll be able to wear them all winter!

-Todd's socks: still chugging away! IM a full repeat into the foot now. at least 2 more to go... curse those BIG feet! Plus I was PO'd with him this week, so I worked on some other things!

-Teacher scarves: 2 down, 3 to go! I made another granny square one this week it is the same pattern as the black/grey one but this is black/blue. I'm about a foot into the basketweave one.

waiting in the wings:
-2 more teacher scarves
-mittens and hats for both boys in woolease chunky! I founbd a pattern and now I need to dig through my needle stash to see if Grandma had what I need!
-35 10"x10" squares for a swap. some I'll knit and some I'll crochet...


House update

Well, we really are in the home streatch now! We're painting and the floors will be done as soon as that is finished! Then the electrician has to come in and put in the fixtures, outlets and switches.. Then there's the kitchen..... I've got my bed scheduled to be delivered the day before thanksgiving and we'll move in once the furniture is in, then we'll unpack the rest by ourselves at our own pace. Andy won't the only one traumatized by all of this.. Anyway.. Pictures...

Ryan Painting his room with Nemo colors. It will look water-like when it is done... I hope...

Andy's room. The sky(ceiling) will have pearlescent clouds. This is his own artwork...

deciding on colors. I'm thinking that I want the halls and the living room the bottom color. The top is too wishy washy and too close to the kitchen color. What do you think?

Yep.. Must be a union job... :)

this is my room. The dark color will only be on that wall as an accent wall. It is an attempt to make a room that is only 5sf larger than the bed look a little bigger!


WIP- Monday???

Still catching up- computer issues! GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Anyway.. my WIPs from last week...

this is the bag I worked up watching American Chopper with the leftovers from "Martha".

And a close-up of the edge detail that matched the edging of the poncho

Two teacher scarves.. one done in scraps and the other is the basketweave that I've been picking away at.

I put Ryan's sled socks in my purse and knitting with "found time" I've made quite a bit of progress in 1 week.. Ryan is excited to model it!

Todd's socks are starting grow visably now.. I just want them DONE and off my needles!!! I'm sick of looking at them and I've got sew many other projects! (like curtains for my ENTIRE house!)



then it was on to my parents to trick-or-Treat. By way of the Tucker residence.. the boys got to see the kitty (and noone took pictures!!!!) adny of course "cowboy Clyde" had huge bags of candy for each of them...

Dash (aka Jimmy) actually sat still long enough to have his picture taken... Halloween seems to be getting easier on him.. thank goodness!!!

Which one is the real Spiderman??????

Man.. He is just TOO cute!!!!!!

Speaking of cute... my boys and their Build-a-Bear critters. the funny thing is that the animals got their costumes first!

ok- if Ryan is hiding... he's up to no good!!!! he spent a good portion of the evening under here sneaking candy!


OK- catch up time! I finally got my pics out of the camera and into the computer! SO, Let's start with Rob and Anya's party! It was SO nice to get out for a "grown-up" party for a change. Oh and Kim told the boys to go to bed.. and they did! just like that! BOTH of them!!!

This is our plumber "hangin out" with the Hair band singer adn the angel.... an yes.. they are playing Beer Pong!

Ah yes.. the Pharoah and his Queen....

Anya on the Left, Rob on the far right.. and I forgot the names of the 2 in between.... sorry.. I don't get out much ...

Sooo... after some MUCH needed grwn up time.. it was off to the Pumpkin Patch witht he boys!

Look at all of those mucles! those are HEAVY pumpkins.. good thing I brought my superheros!

On Ha lloween Andy got to stay @ St. Ann's the whole day for teh Halloween party. He was SO excited. this is the really funny part....

Yep that is Matthew T. dressed as Robin! We (being the parents) did NOT set this up or arrange this... I'm not sure if they planned it tho... the funny thing is last year ANdy was Woddy.. adn another boy in the class was Buzz... and they sat next to eachother too....