Look what I got!

After almost a year of living with subfloor in my kitchen (ever try to mop plywood????), I FINALLY have a real floor!!! You'll see lots more floor when Colin gets mobile!

Ryan's teacher guilted Todd into reading to Ryan's class. Not that he minded. He loves reading to the boys and he loves sharing that with the other kids too!


More pictures!!!

are you sick of looking at my kids yet? too bad! we got more pictures from Jerry last night. they are absolutely beautiful as usual! it's good to have talented firiends!

he did an AMAZING DVD slideshow too! he used some of the belly pics and other pictures of the boys and even one of the flowers Todd bought me while I was in the hospital.


Cabled Cardi

I've managed to keep knitting away on the Cabled Cardi. I've gotthe back and fronts complete. I knit the neck band and I'm about to pick up and knit the the button and buttonhole bands. I still have to do the sleeves, but I'm not sure if I have enough yarn, so I'm going to do the bands first, then get more yarn jic I can't get the same dye lot.


New pics!!!

I've got some knitting update pics to post, but you've GOT to see these first!!!! These were taken by our friend Jerry.

Ryan trying to hide from the camera:

Andy having a snack:

And of course, 2 day old Colin:


A Couple of FOs

My sripey suprise is complete and gift given. Initially I wasn't going for the bucket hat look, but I really like it. I may try to put an actual brim on the next one! This is worked up in LB fisherman's wool that I hand dyed a while back.

Cargo is complete! as usual I modified the pattern! in addition to the wool & gauge changes I discussed previously, I added some short row shaping to the back to fit over teh diaper better. thanks to the knitters at the wool soakers group for the suggestion!! at first I was thinking that these things are going to be WAY to big for Colin.. but then he gained 12 oz and grew a 1/2 inch in 6 days! I hope they won't be too small!!!

I also started the pixie cable sweater, but it doesn't look very "pixie" in this color. I'm only on the second pattern repeat, so there isn't much to see just yet. so far, my first attempt at cables is going well. I did cross them all the wrong way, but since it is consistant, I'm just going to keep going with it.