Mama Bird Pocket Diapers

First off.. I have showed the Phish socks who's boss and I've rocked BOTH heels and started up the cuffs. and they are now officially know as the Phish socks b/c I have had Phish stuck in my head for DAYS now!!! make it stop!!!!

Anyway.. Mama Bird... Click the title to go to her page with the patterns and the instructions for the AIO and fitteds. I made 2 pockets using her "little" pattern. (Note: pictures to be added once I figure out how to upload my new camera onto the old computer)

To Make Pockets:

  • Procare or PUL for cover ( I used Procare with cotton overlay after MUCH convincing of the big brothers that it was SCRAP fabric, NOT their curtains!!!)
  • fleece, micro fleece, or seuadecloth for lining (I used fleece - more scraps!)
  • lastin (more scraps! I used 3 5" pieces)
  • velcro
  • mama bird pattern and big paper to trace it on.


  • print pattern and tape together as instructed.
  • trace 2 copies onto pattern paper adding an extra 1/4" seam allowance.
  • move marks for elastic to edge of original pattern. the elastics will actually be sewn into the seam allowance!
  • cut one pattern out along the AIO line. mark this one as the Lining.
  • cut the other along the fitted line. mark this as the Cover.
  • yes - I know that the prev. 2 steps are OPPOSITE of the AIO directions, but go with me on this!
  • cut out your fabrics (fleece with lining pattern and your barrier fabric and optional overlay from the cover pattern.
  • transfer markings.
  • Sew lastin at edge of fabric on ws of cover between back markings. I start at one end and keep the lastin taught unitl I get to the other end and cut off excess. (I used my serger for this, but you could zig zag it too. optional- repeat with lining.
  • since I used an overlay, I serged the overlay to the barrier all the way arround being sure to keep elastic taight. I didn't trim much of anything off of hte edges, just a hair.
  • sew loop tape to front of cover.
  • lay lining on the RS of cover. Use clothespins or binder clips to hold the 2 together (pins=holes=leaks!) be sure to line up the edges. YES the fleece is wider in the crotch. it is SUPPOSED to be!
  • serge (or overlock or zigzag) around the edge. start at one end of the pocket and sew around to the other end.
  • now, sew the lastin to the FLEECE side of the leg openings at markings. I used the same procedure as for the back elastic.
  • turn RS out.
  • top stitch SA on the pocket opening. do NOT top stitch the rest of the diaper.
  • you'll notice that the fleece will roll out at the leg. this is what it should do! this is softer on baby and helps prevent wicking.
  • sew velcro onto tabs. add crossover tab if you like.
  • prewash & dry in dryer to reseal barrier fabric.
  • stuff and put on baby!


Rocked the Short Row Heel

.. just in time for it to kick my ASS!!! It was so perfect! except for one little detail.. I started it about an inch too soon! my first toe-up heel - I guessed wrong.

I got yarn samples in the mail on Monday for Squirt's christening gown.. and I'm ordering it! YAY!!! it is SO lucious! Even Todd was wowed by it.. and he only cares about yarn when it is knit into socks for HIM... oh - the yarn.. 50/50 merino/silk!!! 1# laceweight for the gown and 1# DK for the blanket.

I've got a question for any veg/vegans reading this... what are your thoughts on animal fibers like wool, cashmere, silk, angora etc. I mean, the animals like to be sheared and/or plucked! and the fibers are SO nice to wear and to work with!



Today, Andy is 5! a whole hand! I can hardly believe it! It seems like yesterday he was born...and now we are signing him up for Kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN!!!

We had his party with his friends on Saturday. All week, the weather kept looking worse and worse.. I was in a cleaning frenzy! cleaning, unpacking and organizing my house from top to bottom! by Satuday morning, I was on the verge of complete physical and mental collapse... I was rescued by the Grandmas ans Amanda who help set up and decorate for the party. I think God realized that I'd had quite enough and the rain stopped in the morning. Todd and his Dad set up the bouncer. the sun came out! SO after all of my cleaning, we ended up having the party outside... as soon as it was over, the clouds came back. we took the bouncer down. it started to sprinkle again. Thank you God for listening to me! I was SO wiped from the whole experinece that I was in my PJs in bed on a saturday night - and it was still light out! and you know what? I was GLAD!

To make my weekend even better, I got to sleep in to 9 on "Saint Mudders Day"! and parked my arse in front of the TV knitting most of the day! (making GREAT progress on FISH! started my first Short Row heel!).

at least my house looks good! It got pretty muddy after the party, but no biggie! Dad also installed the chandalier over the dining table adn the track light over the bar. I love Ikea! I like the kitchen light SO much, we're thinking of forgoing the ceiling fan and getting a matching chandalier for the entry. pics to follow...