Kim sent me the pics she took of Andy getting his gold belt last week..

we are SO proud of our little Karate Kid!!! There is already a noticable change in his confidence. so glad we signed him up! we'll let him continue through soccer season and the summer. he wants to be a black belt some day! Ryan really enjoyed watching the belt test, and now we're going to sign himup for the 3-5 yo karate program run at teh community center by the same guy. he can pick up in the same program Andy is in when he goes to kindergarten in the fall. he could use a lesson (or 20!) in respect....

And don't foget, My Little Creations will have its first stocking (assuming I did it right...) at noon est. tomorrow!!!!


My Little Contest

So ladies and gents, I am setting off on a new venture. I am opening up a storefront on Hyena Cart. It will cater to the Cloth Diapering Crowd mostly. I plan on carrying my custom diapers (recently redesigned!!), wipes, wetbags, inserts, wool wraps, longies and shorties, and I am developing a design for "mama Cloth". I am also carrying some nursing tops and baby clothes and I may carry some handpainted yarns from time to time. I will announce my stocking times and a sneak peak of upcomming products too. My storefront is "live" at www.hyenacart.com/mylittlecreations and will be stocked on Thursday Feb 1 at Noon eastern.

So what is the contest? well, my store needs a logo!! My creative energies are currently focused on my sewing projects. sigh. SO here is the deal! Send me an email and attach your logo design as .gif or .jpg files. If I use it, it will become the property of My Little Creations and appear here, on my HC site and any other advertisement/marketing materials. what is in it for you? besides the prestige - of course???

your very own custom CCD starter package!

  • 2 custom CCD's
  • 2 CCD inserts
  • 6 custom wipes
  • 1 custom "outing" wetbag

the contest deadline is February 7 the wining logo will go live at stocking on February 8.

you can check out the cart to get a feel for the style of the site and some of the products, tho I am not yet stocked.

ETA: someone asked about the size. I hadn't given it much thought, so I'll leave it to you. I think we can modify the size later if we need to...


Stash Diving

New dipes for Colin! Minkee lined St. Patty's day dipers.


Pavlov's People

so I've been at the new job a whole week now. it is really amazing how quickly we develop a routine. I take the same route to and from work and I'm finding myself parking in the same space every day! that is kind of odd b/c the garage seems to have some sort of a black hole. the elevator was broken so i had to hike 8 flights of stairs. i was parked on the 3rd floor!the ramp to get out is like 5 miles long... what is it with new haven and spiral ramps anyway?????

so little Colin is getting less little!!!!! but he's broken out in hives in the process. only my kid would have an allergic reaction to hypoallergenic formula!!!!I'm taking him for b/w tomorrow and we may have to use neocate for future spplements, but hopefully we can cut them out all together soon. he is sucking stronger and latching better. it is amazing how dratic the change in his behavior. hes gone from constantly sucking his hands to yanking off his socks to play with his feet!


There are no words

One of those boats belongs to my parents. I can't tell which one. they are absolutely devestated. I am havaing fire nightmares again. How do I explain this to Andy and Ryan? they are always asking when Papa is going to take them fishing.


Up, Down, and Around

UP: I don't normally blog about work. I've learned from other's mistakes. but I will say this. I will be starting a new position at a firm in New Haven on the 22nd. YAY!

DOWN: Colin has lost weight since his 3m check up he is back down to his 2m weight. I am working with the fine folks at Breastfeeding Resources to get his weight back up. he is pooping more and seems happier overall already. we go for a f/u tomorrow.

AROUND: In spite of his weight loss, C has grown over an inch since his 2m visit. AND he is rolling over! I wanted to post this last week - hoping to get a video of it, but I couldn't get kid and camera to coperate at the same time...sigh.. last Wed, he rolled back to belly - every time I put him on his back! then, on Thursday, I put him on the floor to show Andy & Ryan. he rolled on to his tummy, got mad and rolled back to his back.. and kept log rolling... I'll keep tying for a video...


Hole Mole it is 2007!!!!

we didn't go out. we didn't have a party. we did have food!

Todd made his chili...MMMMM...

I made some guacamole

Andy, Ryan and I made Chocolate covered Pretzles!

Colin got to try some unsweetened applesauce! I'd say he likes it!