Call for patterns

I got a brilliant idea over lunch (ie. pumping & knitting) I am going to out together a pattern book of wool diaper covers. longies, shorties, wraps etc. since this is a fairly new idea, I'm not sure yet what I can bribe you designers with. any schwag ideas? I've got 9 pattern ideas so far. it'll also include the basics on wool as a diaper cover and a materials guide. to submit a pattern or pattern idea, drop me an email and we'll chat.

other than that.. I've been busy stocking the cart... my NEW improved purple inserts! a couple of pockets, 2 recycled wool wraps, and 1 pair longies. swim dipes and a swim sling (for me - not the cart!) some pics...

not shown are the microfiber swiffer covers. they work SOOO much better!!! than the $$$ pads! now if I could just figure out how to refill the cleaner bottle.....

I'm hoping the weather will let me dye some self striping wool this w/e....


Cowboy Colin

not only is he a CD cowboy, but he has 2 teeth!!!
AND he started giving "kisses" yesterday!! SOOOO sweet!!! I love my boys!

I am in the midst of making them matching easter outfits!! they love to match with daddy... but they've never matched wiht Colin.

Also in new news... I have my First self-published pattern!! it is called Twisted and is available through my store. I'm going to post a pic with link in my sidebar asap. It is a comprehensive pattern for shorties and longies (or capris!) with step-by-step photos. I'm very proud of it! I have the next one in my head and need to catch up on some orders and swim dipes so that I can start on it. yes.. I said swim dipes! I'm making some for Colin and I am making a swim-sling too! depending on how the dipes turn out, I may put them in my cart as well. we shall see!


'Erin Go Braugh' - means Ireland Forever!

I won't be able to post tomorrow as I will be preparing a feast fit for St. Patrick Himself!!! We should all wear our green with pride tomorrow! Irish or not. Catholic or not!!! Yes the Wearing of the Green was to let the world know you were an Irish Catholic. It was supposed to be a punishment- intended to suppress the Catholics. Instead, it was used as a rally to bring them together and defend their home and heritage. So matter your faith or nationality, wear your green proudly in remembrance of those who fought to preserve theirs!

thanks for the food suggestions ladies! I am eating a LOT of rice noodles! and finding other alternatives. I found great teething cookies for him that are wheat and dairy free (may even be vegan...) other than that we are going slow with the solids for him. mostly stuff he can pick up and explore - banana, avocado, sweet potato, mashed potatoes. we want to push the calories and not fill him up on solids just yet. I actually get the o'soy yogurt for Ryan. it comes in kid sized 6-packs. Colin will get that when he is older too. I don't' expect any of the kids to outgrow the DA. I haven't and neither have my mom or sister. Don't think my niece has either.... any other suggestions are appreciated!

I gotta give my 'props to the Vegans.. I just went to lunch with my office and ordering a meal that contained no: wheat, dairy, nuts, peanuts, or meat - NOT EASY!!! BUT If you find yourself in downtown New Haven and in need of a nice Irish Pub, I HIGHLY recommend the Playwright on Temple Street. They were accommodating to my "please no pine nuts or cheese and can I have a wedge of lemon instead of dressing" the chef forgot to add my Portables to my salad. Before I even had a chance to notice, the server delivered them to me. shortly after, the chef came out and apologized for forgetting them (with an Irish accent!). Excellent food and FAB service! prices were fairly decent too.

now for more C pics....


Long time no blog...

I could make excuses, but who wants to hear them, really? so how 'bout some Kid pics instead?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Colin had a tummy virus. He was vomiting for about a week straight.. poor kid :( he is back down to the 5 th %ile as of last Friday, but he'd already gotten his appetite back. so he should be back to playing catch-up by now...

I am in the midst of designing some shorties for C. and I am thinking of offering a free version here on the blog and a full version for sale on my hyena cart . still in the swatch/sketch phase right now. I think I'll make the full version in sizes NB through 3T. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome in the comments!

speaking of wool... I have some hand-dyed wools in my cart now.