we don't need no stinking training wheels!
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My little stunt man....
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ok- well this guy still needs at least 3 wheels...
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Need some quilting/design help

I framed the quilt block and made the outer pannel. The batilk is what I am using for the inside and straps as well. I'll attach the shoulder straps, turn and quilt, then add the bottom straps. What I am wondering is if I need to frame the whole pannel in black, or maybe use the black for quilting, or maybe something else... remember, this won't have a binding like a quilt.

I'd appreciate any thoughts/ideas/input in the comments.. maybe a prize for the "winning" idea..

eta- I've added a Poll to the sidebar!


MYC Centennial Outing!

yep - busy weekend! this was sunday at the club!

they brought in a "safari" show for the kids


I miter be knitting....

I've been intreaged by the miter blanket. But I make baby socks with my leftover sock yarn and well, I have more than enough afghans. Perhaps a baby blanket in the future...

Wendy's miter sweater is stunning.. maybe converted to a cardigan... but would I wear it? probably not.. I'm looking for more fitted styles. Perhaps a baby/toddler jacket in the future..

So, what miter this be??? a suprise!!! For who? not tellin! Pattern? nope... it is all in my head... I'll publish eventually. I may submit it for publication.. If I get denied, then I'll self-publish here. either way, if you are patient, the pattern will be free!

I will tell you that I am using some of the FABULOUS wool MIL picked up for me at a fair in the Highlands of Scotland on one of her trips to visit the family. I have MILES of this stuff and I just LOVE working with it. It is a little rough, but loaded with lanolin, so my hands are so soft! the "roughness" washes out and with a little conditioner, it is soft as can be...


It's all in the details...

I found out last night that Colin (and Todd and I) were exposed to TB while at the hospital last week... great... the risk is minimal, but still, it is there.. Colin goes for a TB test next week just to be safe. Guess we should too....

In the mean time... I will distract myself with pretty pictures from my new camera! It has a "flower" setting!

and then there is my sewing...

this block will be the central pannel on my new carrier. the pannel will be quilted. the straps padded.... and perhaps have buckles instead of ties... we shall see...



after more puking thursday and friday, the dr call in a perscription for more anit-puking meds. he is off of them now. no puking since friday. more or less back to normal diet. I tried feeding him pureed squash last night.. he grabbed a hot dog off of the plate! I think he has had it with the bland diet. he is also teething and I'm sure he wants something to bite into. good thing too. he is down about a pound now.

got the new camera yesterday. batteries are charging. prepare for photo overload!!!


my day..

I intentionally avoid discussing my day job here... but today.. well...

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ER knitting

Colin took a turn for the worse yesterday. kept NOTHING down.. not even a small amount. so, we took him to the er. We ended up being there almost 12 hours. he is so tiny and so dehydrated, they had a VERY hard time getting an IV in him. they did get blood for his labs and a heel stick for blood sugar. his bs was 47 when we got there and 76 when we left. I don't know what his electrolyes were, but they were bad... 6 nurses tried 2-3 times EACH to get the IV. in the mean time, we were trying to hydrate orally. they gave him some Zofran(?) to settle his stomach. he ate red jello. spit out yellow jello. pushed away the orange popcicle (mommy ate it :) ) and nursed. we tried hiding pedialyte in apple juice. He did drink 1/2 of it before he cought on to us. FINALLY the nurse from Pedi came down and got the IV on her 2nd try. they gave him a half liter of fluids and sent us home. As much as I HATED putting him through all of those needles (and the bruises - oh!) if she didn't get it in, he would have been admitted... as in checked in for the night.

with ALL of the poking, prodding, sticking, rectal temps, etc, he did scream and cry - but only 1 tear! he is cutting 2 teeth, but we didn't notice b/c there was NO drool. he did have 2 wet and 1 VERY poopy diaper while we were there. he is at the pedi for a follow-up now.

while we were there, waiting and waiting between needles, I picked up my knitting and started a new project. It involves miter squares, a gift, and possibly crochet trim... may also be a candidate for publication if it comes out in wool like it does in my head... I just bought a new camera on-line, so once I get it, I'll post extreme close-ups.


On the Mend

I'm feeling a bit better now. My jaw still hurts, but I'm pretty sure I'll live.

Colin got a tummy bug. poor kid! he can't afford to lose an ounce! he hurled everything the last couple days - except Mommy Milk. and yes - I am enjoying that! we were worried about dehydration 24 hours and only 1 wet diaper. the dr said to bring him to the hospital if he didnt' have another by morning. he had "morning diaper" when he finally woke up today. he was so wiped out last night, he didn't even want Mater!! he just sat in my lap wimpering. he is almost back to his normal self. only problem is, his appetite has returned, but his tummy is still sensitive.

Ryan hasn't injured himself in over a week!

Andy is having a great time at Camp!


what a waste..

two perfectly good days off down the tubes... why? b/c one of my wisdom teeth (finally) became impacted and HAD to go... I knew they all needed to come out several years ago. they never bothered me much - or often. and since I didnt' have dental insurance, I didnt think it was worth it to suffer the agone of having them removed AND pay out-of-pocket.

I now have dental (YAY!!!) but there is a waiting period on "major procedures" (BOO) but this just wouldn't wait. the insurance did cover everything BUT the actual removal.. the exam, the x-rays - even the meds. so it could have been worse. I have to go back in a month and get more x-rays, full exam and we'll discuss a plan for the removal or the rest and some other work I need done. the billing lady said she'll contact the ins. co. and work the waiting periods into the "plan" so that I can get it all done and not have to pay it all out of pocket.

to be honest.. I am NOT scared of the dentist .. it is the billing lady that frightens me!!

oh- the irony... Andy lost a tooth at camp yesterday!! that thing was worn down to a nub!!! gotta talk to his dentist about that... oh yeah.. we need a new pediatric dentist.. our current one isn't on our plan. :(


Did anyone get the license plate on that weekend???

for a weekend that started out wiht no plans.. I sure am wiped OUT!

Friday night- Andy and Ryan both tested for their new belts. Ryan is now a Gold belt and Andy is an orange belt!! YAY! for my guys!! they are going to go 2x a week for the summer. can't wait for Andy to finally get Camo, maybe by the fall...

Saturday- dont remember what I did except go grocery shopping, get propane, and BBQ... well, I did all the dishes and gave Colin a bath in the kitchen sink too. He then decided that that would be a GREAT time to finally pull up... mommy didnt agree. and since I was home alone with a baby STANDING in the sink... I couldn't get the camera for pics...

Sunday- went to the Barnum Festival Great Street Parade! had a great time as usual! saw a bunch of friends. the boys got a wave from "Mack" or well.. his voice anyway.... so they were excited! then we went home, the boys played in the yard and I trimmed the hedges..

Monday morning - I HURT!