On the "Treadmill"

No, I don't have one to literally run on. I kind of wish I did some days. When it is cold and raining I may want to run, bu forget it! I'm NOT that hardcore!

I am speaking more metaphorically. I've have been traveling, working doing stuff with the kids etc. but still managing to get in my runs. They haven't been anything too spectacular. I am on Week 5. Tomorrow I will finish the week. I know I won't complete all 9 weeks before the race, but I am going to finish the race!

Life has had a lot of work related stress and I have found that running helps, but it still isn't as good as beating the shit out of the bag until my hands bleed!

I also feel the need to point out that running isn't the only part of my work out. The rest is kind of random when I remember stuff. I really need to work out a better plan there. I am still doing my 100 push-ups challenge and I completed the 200 sit-ups challenge, but I still do them. As I already mentioned I love hitting and kicking the bag.. The man has noticed some changes and I notice my clothes fitting a bit differently, so I guess it is making a difference.