Attack of the Killer Bed

So, you may have heard about the 1.2 MILLION toddler beds that were recalled as a result of a $4 Mil. fine by the CPSC. Well, Ryan sleeps in one of thse beds. As I was reading the recallnotice, Todd called and told me that Ryan sprained his ankle that morning. He got stuck in his bed!!! Now keep in mind this is a bed that they stopped making 4 years ago and it was recalled yesterday! I called Graco and told them about Ryan's injury (that makes at least 78 kids hurt by these things) and I ordered the retrofit kit. they told me to take the side rails off and wait 6-8 weeks for the kit. So I did as I was told. Ryan fell out of bed 3 times last night b/c there was no rail. So this is safer???? they did offer me a return for a refuns,but it is not mine to return and where exactly is he supposed to sleep unitl we get the $$. He's already got a big boy bed for our house, so I'm not buying another bed now.

The "best" part is when I told them that he fell out of bed (onto his sprained ankle) what is there response?? " Sorry to hear about that." I also reported to the CPSC. Hopefully they'll do something...

Other than that... Todd is reading to Andy's class today. Yesterday, the boys surprised me with lunch and flowers at work. I have such sweet boys ;) all 3 of them!

I'm gaining on my second sock. I'm thinking about wearing the other one while I knit for motivation :) Pretty soon I can start Andy's Green Socks. I think doing 2 at a time (socks that is :O ) will be a lot more graitfying.


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What a Great Weekend

I knew my weekend was going to be good when I came home from work fi=riday to find my license in the mail. It is finally official. I am a PE!!!

Saturday was fun - even if I forgot to take any pictures -DUH! We took the boys to the park by our house- aka "Andy's Park" we had such a nice time. the boys had a ball and although they both knew exactly where their house was, they knew that "bob" didn't say it was OK to go in yet, and didn't even bother trying. After stopping for "Papa's Pizza" (Mmmm... Yummy!!) we went to the Milford St. Patrick's Day Parade. Not the best parade I've ever seen, but still a lot of fun.

To top off the evening, we went to Rich and Erika's wedding! Got some great picks.

I'm going to transfer more into my Yahoo album tomorrow or whenever I get the time.


I added a link to my Yahoo Photo Album in the links section. I'll figure this thing out sooner or later...


Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog site. I'm going to keep it filled with information on my family, my house, and my current craft projects. I'm still figuring out how this works, so I'll post some pictures wnen I can.

The Roofers started on my house on Monday. I'll take pictures tonight ans post them when I can.

My boys also had their pictures taken last weekend. I'll have to scan those. they came out very cute, and very "them".

I'm finishing up my squares for a granny square swap. I'll be assemling the squares for baby blankets to donate to the Linus Project. I'm also working on my second sock of my first pair. I've already got a list of patterns to try and people to make socks for. I'm going to try my next pair two at at time on 2 circular needles. I've got yarn for Andy's pair and a pair for Samantha ready and waiting. I'm also coveting a Homespun cable knit sweater and the "Martha" poncho also in Homespun.