A New Hope

Colin has a LOT of words, but he isn't really putting them together. He understands everything we say. He follows instructions (usually). So, we had him screened by Birth to Three. He is beind on the speech and fine motor. He lost points on the fine motor because he couldn't sit still long enough to complete the task. He showed signs of impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattentiveness. Sound familiar? yeah.. not official yet, but it looks like he may have ADD/ADHD like his brothers and father.
So, all this means that he will get speech and other services (we set up his therapies on Friday) at home this spring/summer and he'll start pre-k on his birthday or the first day of school (whichever is later).
He is also at that "fun" stage where he rips his diaper off the second it gets wet, but he won't use the potty either. So, I made him a backpack that he can carry around his diapers etc in. It has a waterproof PUL lining and pockets perfect for diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and Hot Wheels. I also made a matching changing pad which fold to fit the bottom of the bag, a PUL bag for wet/dirty diapers/clothes and, of course, a diaper. I'd actually inteded to make the diaper a pull-on type, but it isn't very streachy and it doesn't pull-on very well.
The diaper bag will double nicely as a school backpack in the fall! (The bag is a scaled down Chelsea Tote from Lazy Girl Designs.)

The ensemble:
Backpack and diaper in action:
Inside (empty & stuffed):

you want an example of the hyperactivity? Here are the outtakes from the photoshoot:

Fun, isn't he? He's so cute I can't stand it!


Communion Revisited

more pictures from the communion...


FO Round Up.

Once the Anniversary Shawl was done, I could wrap up the other projects I had going.

First, I finished Todd's Heavy Metal Monkey socks.

Then I finished off my socks to go with my Tubey sweater.

After everything was done... I needed a new project.
fraternal Jaywalkers for Todd.


SO grown up!

Andy made his first Communion a week ago. For those of you who arent' Catholic, it is a HUGE deal - a major rite of passage. What has been really interesting to watch is how he's started paying attention and following along in Mass. I suppose it all makes a LOT more sense now that he know what is going on and why.

Anyway... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

more pictures to come once I get them from my FIL.


TGIF- 5/1/09

it's been a while...

  • my boys
  • Sunday night buddies
  • thursday night buddies
  • leftovers in the freezer (haven't had to cook in weeks!)
  • reasons to celebrate
  • Faith
  • detachment
  • clarity
  • serenity
  • more FOs and less WIPs