Catching up....

I didn't post a WIP wednesday b/c progress on Todd's docks was pathetically slow... but I did finish the commissioned "Martha" and I'm making a little handbag to go wiht it with the leftover yarn.. as it is a gift, I will refrain from posting pics!

a Belated FREE PATTERN FRIDAY! I wanted to post another of my designs, but I didn't get around to completing the parttern, so I will post the mittens that I'll be making for my boys... I'm using woolease- chunky instead of the homespun. I think it will be warmer and wear better than the acrylic homespun. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/khs-mittens.html

I didn't make it to the house this weekend for my regular photos, but the floorborad are in the house and we're bringing them and the house up to normal temp. (we've had the thremostat set at 45F in an effort to conserve oil while keeping the pipes from freezing...) the sanding should be done on the sheetrock.. and the bannisters are in.

we went to a halloween party at Rob and Anya's place. So nice to have "grown up" time these days. and it was a great crowd too... we took some pics and I'll post them as soon as we get the computer "de-wormed". Of course I'll have more pictures of Halloween with the boys and our trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday as well...


Monday Update!

Wow the place is starting to look like HOME again!!! Stairs are in and sheet rock is up!!! Painting starts soon!!! The best part was that Andy got to go in his room for the first time since the fire. I haven't seen him that happy in quite some time! He told me where we were going to put his bed and dresser and toys. Surprisingly, not where we had them before! I also picked out fabric for the drapes for my room. SO excited!!!! I'm ready to put up curtains and the walls aren't even painted yet!!!

Monday Update! part II

Extreme Makeover Berger Edition

My cuties got haircuts tonight.. Had to share!!!

Goodbye Grandma Ginny

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of a truly remarkable woman. Virginia Gency aka Grandma Ginny was Mom to 3, grandmother to 11, great-grandmother to 17, and last Thursday, she became a great-great-grandmother for the first time. Later that day he suffering ended and she went home to the Lord. Her second great-great grandchild is due in a few weeks.

to my mom, she was like another Mom. She had the skills that my own grandmother lacked. She has filled a great void in my mothers heart and her life since my grandmother passed. In turn, she has become like a grandmother to me. Whenever I went to Michaels, I would stop by to visit if I could. She made me Pizelles for no occasion whatsoever. When the grocery store has a bogo, she gave the extra to me. She kept my boys pictures with the rest of her "babies" pictures. The world will never know eggplant parm as good as it did - she wouldn't share her recipe - but she loved to share her cooking!

Goodbye Grandma Ginny


Happpy First Anniversary Brian & Adrienne!!!!

I'm such a tool!!! I cn'at believe I forgot!!! anyway.. hope you guys celebrated in style!!!

FREE Pattern Friday!

OK- this is a good one! since it is October and October is breast cancer awareness month and since SO many women in my family have battled (and sadly lost) this disease, Take some time to Knit a Tit!!! I'm thinking of making one for Ryan.. maybe then he'll leave mine alone! While I'm at it.. I think Todd can use a set too!

Since I never got around to WIP Wednesday, I'll throw in some sock progress picks. I really wnat to get these DONE, so I haven't picked up Ryan's or the scarf this week. oh- I've also been commissioned to make a poncho for someone to give as a gift, so that'll be on my list too... but they're easy!


The BEST Builder EVER!

Seriously.. Mike is the best! not only is our NEW staircase in an entire MONTH early, but he also bought the boys a little present! how nice is that? he got them a package of these napkins. I know it isn't much, but it really is the thought that counts! The boys really think the world of him b/c he is fixing our house. the other day, Ryan was "Bob" and Andy was "Mike" and I got to be "Wendy". Andy wanted to re-wire Papas house! The funniest part? their wagon was the dumpster.... they know WAAAAY too much about construction! LOL!


Extreme Home Makeover Monday

OK lots of pictures this week!

The old floors are out,
the new (and tiny) furnace/ac is in.
the living room stairs are opened up and the sheetrock around the fireplace is down. You can tell where the old window used to be!
I also tried out a paint color in the kitchen- I think it is too bright tho... NEXT!
our new fridge arrived as the boys and I painted.
the insulation was 99% complete today!

not sure what is next.. floors or walls, but MAN things are moving now!!! It's about freakin time!


Happy Almost Birthday to me!!!

Guess what I'm getting from Todd for my birthday????


I'm actually getting excited about it!! Jose can't get me in until the beginning of December tho.. Todd will probably get another one at the same time too.

Free pattern Friday- Basket scarf

Another "teacher Scarf" pattern designed by yours truly! I'm using the size 17 needles again and another end-run of homespun.

Cast on 16

Rows 1-3: k3, p3, k3, p3, k3, p3
Rows 4-6: p3, k3, p3, k3, p3, k3

repeat rows 1-6 until you are almost out of yarn- ending on row 6. With any luck, it will look like a basket weave. As you can tell, I just started it, so we'll see.....


WIP Wednesday!!!

As promised!

I finished "disco". You'll notice it is quite a bit thinner than last weeks. Your eyes aren't playing games... I ended up frogging the whole thing during er last week. I ended up re-doing it in garter stitch only 6 stitches per row! Then I fluffed it with a comb.. SO soft!! Like the boys Cookie Monsters from B-A-B.

I didn't get a whole lot done with the socks b/c I was preoccupied with disco. I did get 12 rows of the heel flap for the second sock done (only 22 to go!) the picture shows it at 10 rows- I did 2 while I uploaded...

I'm planning on casting on another teacher scarf this week. I'm thinking of trying a cable on one to practice. Maybe a GS background so that it doesn't curl...


Yes... I know...

... I missed FREE pattern Friday, and Home Makeover Monday... life is crazy as usual.. and the internet connection was down this wknd. harumph!

anyway, I'll have a new pattern this week and "Mike the Builder" is starting today, so I'll have some progress pics to post next monday. I'll be taking photos tonight for WIP wednesday. now lets hope I remember to post it!


WIP Wednesday

I decided that my FREE ball of disco was a sign that I needed to make something for me! so I grabbed a skein of homespun from my stash (which I'll have to replace for one of the "teacher" scarves..) and started a scarf.

I've made great progress on Todd's Sock. one heel done! Normally, I'll leave both otn and work 1 at a time, but I wanted to do the full round and pick up the stitches along the heel flap so that he could try it on before I did the other one. looks like it'll work.

A close up of the profile of the band heel. I really like it! I think I could have made the flap longer tho... the pattern called for the rows to be s1, k to end and then s1 p to end, but I did s1,k1 and s1, p1 for the added strength and snugness at the heel.

this is the bottom of the heel. I could have made it wider for him, but the fit does seem to work...it was tough fudging the numbers to fit my stitch count....


Home Makeover Monday!

  • the HVAC system went in. we'll need to upgrade the electrical service to the house before we can use the a/c, but we can do that once we're in.
  • the knotty pine in the kitchen is primed adnready to go! yippee!!
  • we've loaded yet ANOTHER dumpster but alas there is more crap to come! but I'm prety sure that the neighbors are happy.

sorry- no pictures this week :(

Disco Inferno

When I got home today I found not 1 but 2 packages on the table for me!!! I was expecting 1- Andy's big boy present fprm the Potty Fairy(don't ask!) which is a case for his Leapster. he will be allowed to play it when he isn't on the potty.

the other was FAR cooler!

It is a ball of Bernat DISCO in Aqua Velvet...oh yeah.. it was FREE!!! yes, that's right FREE!!! I'm not even sure how/why I got it.. It was in an envelope w/ a Mary Maxim catalog and a $5 off coupon! I did sign up at the Bernat site for their e-mail newsletter, but I don't think I put in a mailing address, and if I did, it would have been my address, not my Ils... hmmm... hey- dont' look a gift yarn in the skein... now what ever shall I do with it???? all the project cards call for 2+ balls and I only have 1... I'm thinking a black homespun ponch with the Disco trim.. or maybe jsut a scarf... any ideas???