Bargaining with Myself

When I run, particularly with the longer intervals, I find that I keep making deals with myself. If I run the first half, I can walk a little bit. Run two songs, walk for one. That sort of thing. It is no wonder that I haven't completed any long intervals without stopping.

Even during the race, I told myself that if I ran the entire first half, I could walk a little later. Well, as soon as I hit the halfway point, I walked even though I could have kept going.

Today's run was a 5 min warmup and a 25 min run. I made a deal with myself again. I figured that I ran over 1.5mi in the race without stopping, so I'd go for 2mi today, then I could walk.

You see, when you run a pace of 12:30 for 25 min, you've gone 2 miles. So yeah, I kind of tricked myself.

It also helped that I kept distracting myself with the view! I'm really enjoying the boardwalk!

Today's run map/stats are here

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