Mike the Builder

Among our many errands this weekend, we met the builder at the house to give him the key. I had the boys with me.

Ryan kept asking him about his tools:
"do you have tools in your truck?"
"do you have a hammer?.. wrench? .. saw?.. nails?.. wood?? .."

Andy had a very amusing conversation with him:
A: are you Bob the Builder?
M: no, I'm Mike the Builder.
A: can you fix our house?
M: I sure can!
A: I love you! (hugging Mike)

they also got to pee in our potty and I let them go inside the house for the first time since the fire. I didn't let tehm go upstairs to Andy's room b/c a) the walls are open and they could fall through and b) the fire charred the floorboards pretty good where the bed was and I didn't think Andy needed to see that. the house looks amazing now that it is clean. other than the charred floor in ANdy's room, you'd never know there was a fire! no mold, no smoke smell! the contracor was excited b/c it is now easier for him to work in and the demo is complete. he should be starting in the next couple of weeks and FIL will start painting the kitchen tomorrow!

Saturday we ran errands, sunday we went to the zoo, and yesterday I played hookey and we went to Quassy. tomorrow Andy starts PDS, and we go to camp!


Yeah... OK... sure..

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What Kind of Knitter Are You?
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Say a prayer for Ryan..

It appears that he may have Lyme Disease. He's on antibiotics and it looks like we got it early, BUT it will be 2 weeks before he can be tested and at least 3 weeks of antibiotics! I had completely forgotton about the tick I pulled off of him last month until the Dr asked me if he'd been bitten.... FYI the health dept will test tics for free. so next time I pull a tick off of one of us (or even the cat!) I'm going straight to the health dept. hmm they do somehting other than setic systems? Who'd a thunk? I'll see if I can get him to let me take a picture of the rash tomorrow. he is sleeping now and I'm npt waking him up! he hasnt been sleeping well this past week and therefore is EXTRA cranky!

Put me in the ZOO

So Andy had SO much fun at the zoo last weekend he diecided that he want ed to play zoo as soon as we got back. I convinced him he needed a bath first, that explains the towel on Andy and the naked Ryan. He put his stuffed animals in the garden and Ryan pretended he was a duck and Evan was a monkey! Gotta go back! we're trying for the aquariun tomorrow...

FOs & UFOs as promised

The green blanket is the currnet WIP. finished the white lattice, and now I'm working on the edging. The blue one still needs 3 more squares.


Good Question!

Andy has been asking the most interesting questions lately.. "Why do we sweat?" "Why do we eat?" He was asking Fr. Tom if he lived inthe Church and what he was wearing. Observant little bugger inst he?

we took them to the Beardsley Zoo last week and they had SUCH a good time that we're going to the Maritime Center in Norwalk tomorrow.. adn back to the Zoo for a Barnum festival picnic on Wed. I PROMISE to bring my camera this time!

I've got a bunch of photos to upload .. mostly boys playing and such...

I also want to take some progress pics of my WIP. I've got 2 of the 4 Linus blankets done ( the yellow/peach and the pink) and I'm edging the 4th square of the green blanket. Not sure what I'll do for a border. I'm making headway on Todd's socks, but they're going to take a while... I also signed up for another swap. this one is 1 10" square in purple per person. I may take the opportunity to practice some knitting stitches... I also had a GREAT find at AC Moore last week. they had bundles of 3 end run skeins of homespun for $5. Somehow I managed to control myself and I only bought 2 bags. No dye lot on them adn they aren't all full skeins, BUT I found some nice shawl, mitten and hat patterns at the Lion Brand website. I smell Christmas presents! I stillhave that sweater that I cast on and didn't do anything else with.... I dont' like the needles I have for it - I'll have to get some new ones! h yeah I also decided to sign up for a sock knitting seminar at a local Fiber Festival sponsered by my favorite LYS. it is a toe up toiddler tube sock (for Ryan) done in the Magic loop method. so I need to pick up ano ther new circular and some more sock yarn. I'm thinking I'll get 2 skeins so I can work 2 at a time easily and have some left over for mommy. I hate to leave projects hanging... I want to finishe whipping up the Linus blakets first, but the socks are FAR more portable!

ah well not enough hours in the day... maybe I'll get some knitting done at camp....

Quick update...

just a note to point out the new links to some blogs I frequent and the Redhead blog circle. take a few minutes to surf through. If I missed your blog let me know and I may add it in....



so it was suggested to me last night that Andy may feel responsible for the fire.. it was in his room. I never even considered it! We talk to him about how the firefighters came and put out the fire and staying with Grandma and Papa whiel "bob the builder" fixes the house and we even talk about how the house will look different from it did when we left. BUT we never talked about how the fire started. not with him anyway. so I had teh following conversation with him lastnight...

Mommy: "Andy, do you know what happend to our house?"

Andy: "Fire at our house."

M: "That's right. Do you know what started the fire?"

A: "Me!"

M: "No, sweetie. You didn't start the fire. the Air conditioner was broken and it started the fire. It was an accident"

then we talked some more about fixing the house and how it will look when we are done and what we'll bring wiht us when we go home. I asked him again what started teh fire and this time he said "air conditioner" we'll just have to keep bringing that up and make sure he understands that it wasn't him... My poor baby!!

baby shower pictures! (click here!)

Jess just sent me the pictures from the shower. I can't believe that I didn't remember my camera!!!! click the title, it will bring you to her album...

this picture was on of my favorites! I LOVE this onesie!!! I wish they came in Ryan's size...


100 things about me...

I saw this on another blog and I thought "I could never come up with that many things." Well at least not publicly... I still have my secrets ;) let's see how close I can come...

  1. I LOVE being a Mommy!
  2. I miss my house...
  3. I miss my gardens...
  4. I even miss my neighbors.
  5. I want to go home!
  6. I still can't believe that I actually passed my PE exam.
  7. My PE came with a 10% raise!
  8. I love my new job!
  9. I hate grocery shopping!
  10. I'm not fond of shopping for clothes anymore either.
  11. I can never find clothes that I like.
  12. I love to bake.
  13. I love my boys...
  14. but I want a girl too...
  15. I really really want a girl!
  16. I'm still breastfeeding Ryan.
  17. I'm not going to force him to wean before we move (so don't even bother telling me I should!)
  18. I do publicity for LLL of Milford, CT.
  19. I am contemplating becoming a LLL leader.
  20. I feel sorry for babies that aren't breastfed...
  21. and for their Moms too.
  22. I have another anonymous blog with all the "juicy" stuff that I won't post here.
  23. I've dropped a size since I started my new job.
  24. I have no idea how much I weigh and I don't care!
  25. Still can't stand shopping for clothes...
  26. My favorite color is purple.
  27. I drive a purple car!
  28. I want a Highlander!
  29. Power windows annoy me.
  30. I am ready to part with my Mustang - and therefore my youth.
  31. The thought of turning 30 this year doesn't scare me - it amazes me. How can I possibly be that old?
  32. Sometimes I forget that I am actually an adult!
  33. I am married to my soul mate.
  34. Spell check is my friend.
  35. I love Leapfrog toys and their customer service!
  36. My children amaze me!
  37. Sometimes, I work hard at being lazy.
  38. I had an operation this spring - I only told my boss, my parents, my in-laws, and a few friends.
  39. I really think there is still something wrong.
  40. I'm not getting into the details of it here... so please don't ask.
  41. I need Tea in order to function.
  42. My favorite tea is Yorkshire in the orange box.
  43. Dark chocolate makes me very happy!
  44. Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate Ice Cream with melted Peanut Butter and caramel sauce drizzled on top makes me VERY VERY happy!
  45. My taste in music is more than a little eclectic.
  46. I am counting the days until we go to camp.
  47. I enjoy fishing.
  48. I need a real vacation - alone with my hubby.
  49. My life could be worse!
  50. Hugs from my children can fix anything!
  51. I'm currently reading the new Harry Potter book.
  52. I should be working right now...
  53. My favorite food is .... I can't decide! I love trying new things and experimenting in the kitchen.
  54. I love fresh fruit and veggies straight from the garden.
  55. I have a kitty named Oreo who sometimes thinks that she is a dog.
  56. I play the flute (dee dee deee da dee dee!)
  57. I want to learn to play the saxophone.
  58. I am allergic to mold.
  59. I'm allergic to Dairy and Beef as well.
  60. I LOVE cheese!
  61. I enjoy scrapbooking, but I have neither the space or the time right now.
  62. I am currently assembling crochet baby afghans for charity.
  63. I am on afghan #3 of 4.
  64. I participated in a Granny Square Swap - those are the squares for the charity blankets.
  65. I signed up for another one - a PURPLE square swap! (this one is for me!)
  66. I knit socks.
  67. I have my 3rd pair of socks OTN. - they are for Todd.
  68. Yes I know you can buy socks a lot cheaper at Walmart.
  69. I also have a homespun sweater OTN, but I'm only on the first row of the front...
  70. I love to make gifts for people who appreciate the effort that goes into making something special.
  71. I speak French, but I have no desire to go to France.
  72. I want to learn Gaelic.
  73. I'm trying to remember ASL.
  74. My current favorite TV show is American Chopper!
  75. I think Paul Jr. Is hot!
  76. He's not hot enough to leave Todd for tho.
  77. Ewan MacGreggor is! (he's been on American Chopper! - great episode!)
  78. I love to read random blogs.
  79. I like to comment on them too.
  80. I believe in miracles.
  81. I believe in ghosts.
  82. I believe in ESP.
  83. My subconscious speaks to me in my sleep.
  84. Rocks and dirt fascinate me!
  85. Numbers fascinate me!
  86. I design septic systems - among other things...
  87. I love getting dirty. It makes me feel like I'm really alive!
  88. My back hurts.
  89. I have gout in the big toe of my left foot.
  90. I am terrified of needles!
  91. I am so tired right now that I am falling asleep at my desk!
  92. I'd rather spend more money than shop at Walmart.
  93. I have no shame in bribing my kids to use the potty!
  94. I have only left the country twice. Once on a road trip to Canada in college and once to Jamaica for my honeymoon.
  95. I hope for thunderstorms.
  96. I wish I could draw - but I can't!
  97. I can draft on AutoCAD though!
  98. Fire and Ice roses are my favorite flowers.
  99. I stuck a lie in here just to see if anyone would notice!
  100. it took me 3 days to do this!

Anyone want to guess what the lie is? Post your guesses in the commutes.


Bathroom Breakthrough

We had a bit if a small miracle happen in "our" house on Friday. Andy had to go pee-pee on the potty. He's been doing great with that, so it was not a huge deal. I helped Him with his button and zipper and went back to what I was doing. He was in there a while, so I decided to check on him. He said that he went poopy. I looked in the potty and I told him I didn't see anything. As I was talking to him, I noticed the poopy on the floor behind him. He went poopy while standing in front of the potty... So we put the poop in the potty and worked on wiping and flushing. I then explained that you need to SIT ON the potty to poop. Saturday morning, he sat and read his copy of "Everyone Poops" while sitting on the big potty. I could tell he was way to tense and uncomfortable for this to be "productive" but I praised him for his efforts.. Then Todd and I decided to let him use his quarters .. And a lot more of ours... To get him a leapster. The catch? He can ONLY play it while he is sitting on the potty. So Andy and I went to Target and picked up the last Leapster on their shelves, batteries, and an extra game cartridge (teaches writing and drawing skills). We head back to the house, and he brings the outside potty seat over to the deck, pulls down his pants and gets comfy while I install the batteries. He stayed there until it was time for dinner. He scarfed down his supper and went right back to the potty. When it was time to get up and put on his PJ's he told me he had "big elephant poopies". Sure enough, there was poopy in the potty! It was more like a "mouse poop" but it was poop! So he got a recycled Hot Wheels (yes they have so many that they don't notice when we give them the old ones a second time) . When he does an "elephant poop" he'll get the other game! He's doing great figuring out how to work it too. I started to show him what to do, but then he yanked it away and decided to figure to out for himself... OK! I'm so proud of my little pooper!!!!