TGIF 5/30

  • long weekends
  • Mets tickets
  • S Factor
  • running away to the City
  • Enya
  • new toys
  • playfulness
  • ruffles, lace and Boobies shirts
  • Depakote
  • yarn & sticks
  • my "girls"
  • patience
  • convenient schedules
  • 311- Amber - stuck in my head
  • firm breast tissue
  • the pink shit
  • my cuddly boys
  • Daytrana
  • answers (even if I don't like them)
  • new babies! (Hi Declan!)
  • perfect timing
  • improvising
  • spring weather
  • rest
  • getting my man back!


Quilt Show recap

ok- so it was almost 2 months ago now, but I just pried the pics out of Mom's camera .

Look carefully at these two pictures (click to bigify)

Mom took the picture on the left on Saturday. Sunday, we were both working, so seh took one with me and my second place quilt. ummmm wait a sec.. Did that ribbon get up and walk away? looks like somebody oopsed and put it on my quilt and then moved it to the "real" winner. So close, huh?
It also occurs to me that I didn't upload the picture of my carrier at the show, but here it is in my pear tree

Here is the Library Challenge quilt top. My block is the one right next to the ribbon. Mom's is down one row and over 2 blocks.

Once I get Mom to take and upload a picture of her post card, I can then post the pictures from the first post card exchange - as I am working on the second exchange!


that makes two

We had Ryan's evaluation at the developmental pediatrician on Friday. He was, as we suspected, diagnosed with hyperactive ADD/ADHD. Since there have been issues (including physical agression) at school, we opted for Daytrana for him as well.

As a part of his testing, she tested intelligence. Ryan also tested "Significantly Above Average". He actually beat out the big brother by a few points. Now, if only we can get this kid the saem confidence in the classromm as he has on the playground!

this combined with the termination of the multi-age program has me more than a little concerned about the future of my children's education - not to mention pissed at the district.


Party Round Up - In Pictures!

When Todd and I were married, we alked out of the church and there was a double rainbow straight ahead. It was a bright sunny day not a drop of rain - just the two rainbows. On Thursday, our 9th anniversary, we were driving up I-95 on the way to my Self Defense class (we all got to throw Todd!) and there was this right in front of us this whole way.


It doesnt show up well int his picture (which my Mom took at her house which is nowhere near I-95) but there are 2 rainbows there. Amazing!

Andy's party in pictures:

Today was my nephew Jimmy's birthday party:


9 years and counting!

Today, Todd and I celebrate 9 years of marriage. In some ways it seems like just yesterday, but in others it feels like we've always been together.

Happily ever isn't always easy, but the good certainly outweighs the bad by a long shot. We do have our bad days, but we deal with them as they come - and we learn from it. We have grown individually and as a couple. It makes the good days even better!

I want to post a wedding picture, but we were married SO long ago that all of our pictures are on this stuff called film (remember that?) and I've yet to scan them in.


S Factor Sunday

Sunday was a completely luscious, relaxing, self-indulgent day. I tried things I've never done before - and it was exhilarating and empowering! What did I do?
  • I took a strip tease/pole dancing class (S-Factor) in a synagogue while me sweet hubby sent me dirty text messages.
  • I was treated to spa treatments including a FABULOUS massage while I sipped champagne.
  • I tried sushi for the first time (and I enjoyed it)!
  • I ate a $7 chocolate mousse out of a $0.25 cup.
  • I bought a REALLY sexy "Feel Your Boobies" shirt and ruffly shorts (that match the lacey sleeves gifted to me by Kathy).
  • Most importantly, I took a day for ME and spent it with a dear friend. I am eternally grateful to her for twisting my arm and making me go-even if I didn't put up much of a fight!

As I sat on the train home (much later than I was planning - tempest fuget and all that jazz), I was reflecting on my day and digesting the events... and something occurred to me. An idea kept popping up throughout the day. The idea: we, as women tend to point out our own flaws.

This thought is precisely why I loathe having my picture taken (with the exception of when I was PG. I LOVE those pictures because it is OK to be HUGE when you are 38 weeks pregnant with a 9# baby - and I still rocked my belly ring!). I know that as soon as I see a picture of me, I will only see my flaws. Knowing that makes me insanely self-conscious, which certainly isn't going to make the pictures more attractive.

I got off of that train feeling happier, smarter and sexier than I have since... well.. ever! I made a promise to myself to remember that feeling every time I have my picture taken and every time I look at my own picture.

This doesn't mean that you'll be seeing more pictures of me here any time soon. It is a process...


TGIF 5/16

  • Todd is comming home TODAY!!!!
  • Andy turning 7 with abundant joy
  • cookies
  • sleep
  • a clean house
  • going to SFactor with Kathy on Sunday! YAY!!!
  • my hair
  • patience
  • wine
  • my ILs for taking care of the kids this week.
  • taking the train when gas is topping $4/gal.


Happy 7th Birthday Andy!

but more on that next week - after his big science party!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday and my neighbor (whom I've never met) called me on my cell (which is not listed). She tells me that my package (what package? I didn't order anything) was mistakingly delivered to her house. She was concerned because the box was labeled "Highly Perishable".

I had my father-in-law pick it up when he went to get the kids. When I finally arrived home last night, I found this on my table:


Indeed, the package was perishable. My phone number was also on the label (solves that mystery).

Inside, I found this Photobucket

A lovely little bulb garden from a wonderful friend. Thanks SO much Deb! it really brightened a difficult week! ...and if the cat gets into that planter, I'm going to skin him alive!

I also found a fluffy little package in my mailbox.

One of the mommies on a perenting board I belong to posted a picture of her adorable kiddos in the cutest monkey outfits. We call Colin, "Monkey" so I HAD to know where she found those outfits. she said she had an extra one that would fit my little guy and sent it off to me!


How cute is that? it'll be cuter when I get a picture of Colin in it in better light.

Bottom line- MOMS ROCK!



Todd is in the hospital. The kids are at the Grandparents' house. It is just me and the cat in a very quiet, empty house (how do people live alone?). Andy's party is at our house on Saturday, so I thought I'd take advantage of the lack of little dictators to get a jump on the party prep/cleaning.

There is an interesting phenomenon occurring in my house this week.

When I clean something - it stays clean! I mean "nobody" was making the messes to begin with, so why is it that suddenly there are no new messes? What a coincidence that the only human in the house is me.


Just keep knitting

Well that certainly was a "fun" weekend.

I've blogged about Todd's BiPolar recently. We (that is his Dr and I) decided that I've had enough, he's had enough and he needs to be in a place where he can be monitored. So, he is in the hospital. No major crisis, but we felt it best to avoid one which I am sure was imminent. His med levels were low, so that is good news - an easy fix. I miss my hubby. I'll be glad to have him back to himself and back home.

While Todd was on his way to the hospital, I took the boys to their first karate tounament. They are SO proud of themselves! They should be! They both did a great job and were great sports.

first up was sparring. Ryan beat Andy to win 5th place. Andy came in 7th. (Andy is in yellow, Ryan in Blue Camo).


I didn't get pictures of Sweeping, but Ryan got a "Great Job" trophy and Andy came in 3rd. He doesn't like being taken down- AT ALL!

Last up was the joust. Ryan came in 8th. Jousting is easily Andy's best event. He has a technique that works for him - usually. One kid did outsmart him. He came in 2nd!
The Father of one of the boys he beat actually called him a bully. Anyone who has actually met my eldest child knows how laughable that is. He has PTSD. He is literally afraid of his own shadow! He is SO far from being a bully. I wanted to say somethign to the dad, but Andy didn't hear him and I didn't want to ruin his moment, kwim? I guess this guy didn't like that his kid lost or didn't understand the rules - basically he wasn't listening when Sabunim was speaking before the event. I know that if Andy were not following the rules or being unsportsmanlike, Sabunim W would have warned and then disqualified him.

with the whole Daddy in the hospital thing, I didn't think to get pictures of them with their trophies. I will! I promise!

Sunday was Andy's soccer game. I do'nt know why we went. He hardly played- and when he did he totally ignored his coaches (which is why he hardly played). though, I didn't medicate him because he was medicated all day Saturday for the tournament.

For Mother's Day, the big guys got me flowers at the school plant sale and Colin slept in until 9! we went to my parents for lunch- made by my Dad! Colin LOVES pasta!

Between the kids Karate Tournament, a Soccer Game and my huband being in the hospital, I got a LOT of lace knit on my Zaftig.

now I need to try it on. Hope it fits. See how much longer it needs to be. The lace is a horseshoe lace. I increased from a US4 to a US6 for the first 4 repeats and then switched to US8. I may go up again...


For the Love of Lace

have you seen this article?

I thought it was interesting. Smart talented women making a good living - beaten down by “the man”. You can see all the pretty things on thier site.

Basically, some very talented lace crocheters in a very Catholic Polish village have a business making lace - typically large pieces like altar scarves and tablecloths. Their customers include Queen Elizabeth and the Vatican. The large pieces took a long time to make and there wasn't a huge demand. They couldn't make a living. One lady go the idea to make lacy lingerie- smaller, faster projects with greater demand and a higher profit margin. the Conservative villagers and the Church aren't happy.

I don’t get why the Church would be so opposed. I mean, they want us to marry, stay married and procreate. I think the g-strings would help… Besides, if they are so concerned, then they should just buy more tablecloths.


TGIF 5/9

  • wonderful friends
  • Chateu de Chat
  • moving boundaries
  • trying new things
  • relaxing
  • eyelash glue
  • sweet dreams
  • passion
  • my bike
  • my body
  • Bloggers new "schedule" feature
  • saying "hi" to my inner bad-ass and letting her out to play
  • being able to say the words that a new mommy needed to hear.
  • being able to handle a crisis
  • Mother's Day wishes from Bus drivers and Coworkers
  • helping hands
  • Blackbelts
  • lacy things
  • time, talent, treasure


Parade of Asshats

this is just since last Thursday.

Notice the second picture - TWO rather large SUVs blocking the driveway-one is also blocking the hydrant. I called the cops on that one. DO NOT block the effing hydrant. touchy subject with me. wonder why?


They're GRReat!

ok- yes, I've probably lost my mind and really... it's a long story. The bottom line is- I thought I'd have some fun with some leftovers in the stash. Opal "Tiger" and some unknown soft eyelash yarn.

the patterns for both the pasties and thong are available as a free download on Ravelry.

there you have it. Crochet pasties and matching thong. If you have to ask Why? I simply say - why not?


Say my name Bitch!

I recently became aware of an interesting phenomenon (do do da do). When speaking about me to his friends, he refers to me as "my wife". Territorial much? nah - he's not like that. It apparently never occurred to him that if doesn't use my name, people will refer to me as "Todd's Wife".

Yes, I am his wife. Yes, I've been called MUCH worse. Yes, I have my own name!

It never really bothered me until I noticed that people really didn't know my name. People we've known for a year or more! One guy, we've known for YEARS - as in before kids, calls me Cat because he wasn't exactly sure what my name was. One guy - who is notoriously bad with names kept asking me my name and still gets it wrong on occasion. Another friend said in passing "oh yeah, that's Todd's wife."

The name is Catie. use it!

I also answer to beautiful, sexy and gorgeous.


When I tell people that Colin has weaned, the usual response is "you finally got your body back".

I beg to differ.

This is NOT the body I had 8 years ago. I wore a bikini- in public. Even though I am the same theoretical size as I was then, you will not likely see me in one this summer. My stomach still looks like a deflated balloon - stretch marked and saggy. Thanks to my husband loving me with candy, my ass is certainly not any smaller.

There are some pluses though. I've got some pretty cool ink that makes me happy. A new piercing that makes me REALLY happy. The arm flab is gone. The "girls" have not (yet) deflated.

Most importantly, I am physically and mentally stronger. I am far more comfortable in my saggy, stretch marked skin. Maybe that has more to do with the wisdom of being 30-something. Whatever the reason, I am happy with this new model, but I'd still like to bring it into the shop for a tummy tuck, and I may need a boob lift once all the milk is gone.

Now aren't you all glad you got to know me this well?

Monday morning

some thoughts from the weekend:

  • I don't think the Hulk was actually a result of Gamma Radiation. I think he was bipolar.
  • We're going to see Maiden. Todd is considerably more excited than I am, but I am actually looking forward to it.
  • Andy made a fantastic block in soccer yesterday. He then proceeded to pick dandelions. I did try to get pictures, but that turned out to be a bunch of blue and white blurs. They did win the game.
  • Tequila can make people say/do strange things - and no - I didn't get naked in the moon bouncer- no matter how many time I was asked told to.
  • Saturday, Todd has announced that he WILL quit smoking as soon as he gets his red belt. He got his second stripe that day.


TGIF 5/2/08

  • Sweedish fish -even if they are makign my ass big!
  • sleep
  • tea
  • friends
  • making plans
  • listening to my body
  • being able to help
  • accepting help when it is offered
  • knowing how to solve algebra problems
  • fun with crochet hooks
  • FOs
  • soccer games
  • Knitters en masse
  • quiet dinner with my hubby
  • yarn, yarn and more YARN!
  • talented friends
  • my 3 crazy kids (again - figurative!)
  • sunshine
  • rain
  • joy
  • relief
  • accepting invitations and extending others

To my Loving Husband

I was so pleasantly surprised to see the little gift that you left me in my bag this morning (It's a Chloe from Lazy Girl Designs - I need to get pics so I can blog on it). You know I love Sweedish Fish! I am so glad you were thinking of me, in the future could you stick to flowers, jewlery and yarn? As much as I do appreciate the candy, it is interfering with operation "My Ass is Too Damn Big". You may have noticed that I have been riding my bike to/from the train station. Yes, it does save gas/money, but really, it is all about getting rid of the "excess bagagge". Thanks so much. Love Ya!


All about the knitting

If you aren't interested in yarn, then move on- nothing to see here today.

First up in the FO parade is the Everlasting Bagstopper . My initial thought was to put backpack straps on it and use it as a beach bag, then it occured to me that I did not want to carry the kids sandy, soggy beach toys on my back. Plan B was to make fabric straps with a really pretty shell print left over from the fish quilt. I like Plan B! the yarn is Sugar & Cream leftovers from the stash.

Hmm... looks like there is something in that bag... nope not sand toys... Zaftig! Since I would like to be able to wear this in public, I am going to add length to it in a lace pattern to make it a proper top. I am considering converting the straps from halter to tank, but I'll decide when it is done. Yarn: Cascade Fixation, color # 6399. Part of my haul from WEBS.

Speaking of WEBS, I had my "Emergency Knitting" (not practical? LMAO!) with me on Sunday. I knit during the talk and while in line. I would have knit in the car too, but I was driving. It was really cool to be around so many people who not only knew that I was indeed knitting socks (not one person asked me why!) but most also recognized the pattern. It is Pomatamus. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Super Sport in the "Jeans" colorway. They are on my feet. They are Comfy!

I worked them toe-up instead of cuff-down as "suggested" by the pattern. I modified my short-row heel by knitting the back of the heel (where I picked up th estitches/wraps) in the twisted rib. I love how it ligned right up with the pattern!

Other than that, I am finding great use for leftover sock yarn (design forthcomming) and I am goign to be casiting on some Shorties for Colin in the very near future.