Finished Week 3, started Week 4

I finished week 3 about a week ago. I wasn't feeling 100% but I'd had a stressful day. I was in the office. Bosses+ siting. I needed to move. It was nothing special. My breathing is getting better and the shoes are breaking in nicely. Then I went to karate. Yeah. I slept well that night.

The next day, I got a new tattoo. On my leg. I spent Friday -which would.have been my next run day- icing my swollen ink. I got it to cover up the scar from my accident a few years ago and the scar is painful now.

Monday, I decided I needed to kick off week 4. It snowed over the weekend and the snow was now melting into a slushy mess. My leg was still sore. I did it anyway. It felt pretty good. Most of the time.

I was feeling pretty strong. The intervals were longer, two 3 mins and two 5 mins. These were my longest yet. I ran them all out except the last. It was starting to feel like someone jabbed something into my scar and then my thigh started to cramp. I slowed to a fast walk to wrap up the work out. I was doing well aside from the self-inflicted pain. Shoes felt good. Breathing was strong. No stitch in my side. I'm getting there.

Week 4 continues tomorrow. Today is errand day. A whole other kind of running around.


Week 3, Day 2 - When I *Finally* Got New Shoes

Todd ordered new boots from a local shoe store and asked me to pick them up on may way home. When I walked in there was a HUGE display of women's running shoes. This store is just awesome. The staff.knows everything about every shoe they carry. After figuring out which type of shoe would best for me, she measured me and went in back. She returned with SIX pairs of shoes - none of which were too narrow! In fact one was way too wide. I tried them all out and went with a pair of Nike's.

I was so excited to find them that I couldn't wait to get home and try them out! So what if it was 27° with snow flurries!

Obviously they weren't broken in yet and my feet are used to my beat up x-trainers. My feet were achy by the time I got through the first interval. I was also feeling it a bit in the shins at first, but that passed very quickly. I will be wearing them around the house a bit to break them in a little faster.

As for the run itself, I felt a bit stronger than the last time. Achy feet and all. Still focusing on my breathing and I'm noticing an improvement. Sham Rock N Roll - here I come!

Today's run is here.


C25K - Week 3, Day 1

First, the stats/map are here.

This weeks runs alternate 1.5 minute and 3 minute intervals. This means that the runs are significantly shorter overall, but longer intervals. I felt like I could have done another interval, but I don't want to push it. I feel tired, but not completely spent. I still have energy to do the things I need to, but I may just watch a movie and knit anyway. (Shhh! Don't tell my family that is why they will be eating leftovers tonight!)

I took the opportunity of the longer intervals to focus on my breathing. I think I did better. It is hard to tell since I was already coughing and wheezing before the run. It is cold and I'm still coughing up campfire from this weekend. I don't think it was my breathing that held me back on my intervals, it was more about muscle fatigue. My legs may be strong, but they are more accustom to kicking and sweeping than running.

All in all, I feel good and I am ready for the next one! I think it helps that I have decided that I will be OK with whatever time I end up with on the 5k - as long as I finish! I know I will and I hope to see some of you cheering me along on the way. I'm already thinking I'm going to need some post-race carbs from Modern Apizza.


Gym Rats Ranting

I will begin Week 3 of my c25k this afternoon, but I've been holding back a rant for about a week now and it is time to let it out so I can move on.

I have noticed a tend on my facebook and twitter feeds for the last 10 days. Many of my gym rat friends (wow there are a lot of you!) have been bitching about how crowded the gyms are. Yes, many people resolve to hit the gym to get fit. Yes, many will give up. BUT they are trying to make some healthy lifestyle changes.  Why not offer a smile, a hello or maybe even a "keep it up"? Some support and encouragement may be just what it takes to keep them coming and making those changes permanent. Or do you have to be one of the cool kids and already fit in order to work out? I don't think so.

We live on an obese and sedentary society. We need to fix it together. One of my reasons for doing this whole running thing is to be a positive example for my kids. Another is to prove to myself that I can. If I can encourage someone else along the way, even better!

So, to those of you inspiring and encouraging the sofa spuds to be veggie sticks, thank you! Keep it up!


Week 2, Day 3... Finally

Well, I finally picked up where I left off before the Christmas crazies kicked off. I pulled a muscle in my neck, which sidelined me for a week as well. I was feeling better last week in time for my MMA class, but I was certainly feeling it again after class. Glad I waited on running in the cold too. I don't think it would have helped.

I still haven't gotten new shoes yet. Really, there is a conspiracy against wide width women's running shoes. I hear rumors, see them on line, but they don't seem to actually exist. So. Frustrating! I will keep trying.

I have to say that even though it had been a couple of weeks, the run felt pretty good (in spite of the old x-trainers). I did get a nasty stitch ion my side during the 5th run interval. By the time I walked it off, it was time for the 6th interval and it came back. I ended up walking at least the last 30s of the interval. I guess that slice of pie before I ran wasn't such a hot idea. I will be doing less snacking and more stretching before future runs. I will also try to be aware of staying hydrated on the days that I run. I'd rather like to avoid that experience if I can help it.

In spite of the shoes, stitch and the raw windy winter day, i rather enjoyed it. my body was rested and ready to run again. I also came to the realization that I can finish the 3k - even if I have to walk a lot of it. I have set my goal at crossing the finish line for race #1. I will do my best, but I won't push myself too far past my comfort zone. if I injure myself, I can't train for the next one or do MMA or many of the other things I enjoy.I am feeling better about the whole thing in general. Less stressed. more confident. I have also decided that i am making no resolutions for 2012. Instead, I am focusing on all of the things I desire from 2012. Finishing the 5k is one of them. Then I will finish the second one...

I'd like to go backpacking too...

run details here.