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Updates all around...

about 6 weeks ago, I posted this....
we are trying to get [Andy] into a "multiage" class which is 1st and 2nd graders combined. great place for a kid with great academics and not so great social skills. they are explicitly taught in the MA class! as well as having older peers in the room! we visited the class after the PPT. the teacher was SO excited to be teaching these kids (with only 1 moth left f the year!) and the kids were VERY excited to show off what they could do! the kids are taught at their own level and encouraged to work together! they like to put siblings together too, so there is a possibility that A&R can be in the same class in a couple years!


we also ran into one of the teachers at the Karate picnic on Saturday and got a chance to talk to her a bit. both teachers are open to any and all suggestions on how to make their lives easier! with or without an IEP!!! so I hope to have some suggestions from the DP and the psychologist by then. I debated on sharing his dx (assuming he gets one). but I think it is certainly in his best interest to do so. he should not be ashamed of having ASD. it doesn't' make him a bad person and it doesn't define him either. he should know that it means he thinks differently and he'll need to develop strategies to deal with this as he gets older. We'll also need to tell the school b/c he gets diddly without it!

we got Todd a pair of dumbbells for Fathers Day (at his request!) Ryan found my old 1# weights from step class and decided to work out with dad.. great.. until.. he dropped one on his toe!! fortunately it isn't broken. there was a LOT of blood under the nail and they burned a hole through and drained it. he is fine now.. went to karate that night! after it happened, Todd called me and I came home to bring him to the walk-in. Todd gave him ibuprofen and an ice pack and he was out cold before I got home.. narcolepsy anyone?

he is really chunking up! he is trying to pull up and walk. he is at the stage where he is bouncing his butt while he tried to figure out how to get the legs to go... he is SO darn cute!! and SO happy now that he can eat breathe and the allergens are out of his diet... he is in LOVE with the new kitten... yes we have a new kitten "Bandit".


in case anyone was wondering...

You Are 100% Feminist

You are a total feminist. This doesn't mean you're a man hater (in fact, you may be a man).
You just think that men and women should be treated equally. It's a simple idea but somehow complicated for the world to put into action.



Kids Count of Milford hosted a talk on Autism last night. when the flier came home from school, I though it would be a good idea to go. I was wrong - it was one of the best ideas I have EVER had!

The speakers were from ASCONN. I have mentioned this organization before. The proceeds from Andy's book are being donated to this FABULOUS organization. Before I continue on the talk, I should note that the pages in Andy's book are printed upside down. I was going to fix that, but after thinking about it.. it seems appropriate. It works, but not the way a typical book does...

So, anyway, they presented a program on the basics of Autism, what it is, how it is diagnosed and available treatments. I know a lot about Autism itself - too much IMO. but when it comes to treatments.. I don't know diddly. I have NO clue where to start! I don't think the schools do either. IMO- that is why they chose to do NOTHING about Andy's behavioral issues. I don't want to go back to them and say "do something!". I want to say, "Here are some things I think we can do to help him out." and have list in hand (I like lists!).

The talk turned briefly to Sensory Processing problems. The light bulb didn't just go on, it was a flashing red light! I knew he had "sensory issues" he covers his ears when he gets yelled at. he says he hates loud noises - yet he makes a LOT of them. If you pat his bottom (football pat - NOT spanking) he says "OW! that hurts!" and I suppose it does... he HATES having his hair brushed or cut. we have FINALLY gotten him to take showers (as opposed to baths). That stuff I knew. BUT I never realized that in addition to the 5 senses, it includes your sense of the space around you and your sense of where you are in space. everything just started to "click". his fear of heights, his lack of "personal space", his clumsiness, how he never seems to be paying attention to what he is doing or where he is. his falling on the floor for no apparent reason. Even the hum and flicker of florescent lights can bother him... now that I am recognizing things for what they are, I can try to figure out how to help him cope in the world around him. I think 99% of his behavior issues are due to sensory integration problems. we still need to teach social skills and appropriate behavior, but he is smart. he will learn!

There were handouts - a LOT of handouts! I was overwhelmed with resources. I had NO idea the services available. there really is a lot... but they do NO good if people don't' know about them. so I am going to be reading brochures and googling treatments/programs for the next few days! I finally feel like I have a place to start.. now I need to figure out which direction to go...

"maybe they are right and the rest of us are screwed up."


I spent my lunch on the phone and we have an appointment for the DP at the end of Aug!! AND I also found out that my ins will cover OT - even w/o a diagnosis!


In the swim of things...

I've been busy in the dungeon! Lots of custom orders and beefing up C's stash in addition to stocking the store..
some Star Wars Fitteds for the store - already sold out, but more SW fabrics are on their way!!

one customer pocket (L) and one for Colin. I love the lime/orange combo. I also love how hte orange pops with the Dalmation.

this is for Colin.. It'll have fringe added - I forgot when I was assembling it D'oh! It is to go with his cowboy shirt!

I got more mesh and made a new batch of My Little Swimmers. I also solved the clashing diaper problem! I sold the red one and made him more blue! I put orange snaps on to match hsi shirt! (that came from Target!)

I also partcipated in a diaper exchange. I got to buy a cute little girly diaper and Colin got cool new fluffy mail! I read a post by my recipient (well... her mom!) that said that she wanted to try wool... so I whipped this skirty up! LOVE IT. the skirt is knit in purewool and the soaker and trim are crocheted in a wool that my MIL picked up on one of her trips to Scotland (where she is right now actually!)

Colin recived this ADORABLE diaper- I had to make this pic big so you can see the racecars on it! the T-shirt AND insert also came with it!!!
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there was more diaper sewing... but the camera battery died... next up is Colin's epipen holder. then the next fabric order should be in and I can make some more fitteds and inserts.

In other news.. our wonderful stroller of over 6 years met with an unfortunate end last week... BUT we have new stylin' wheels! it is huge and heavy when folded, but we really got it for around town.. and we have an SUV...



Ryan: Mom, I want to be a vegetarian when I grow up.
Mom: That's wonderful dear.
Ryan: Yeah, I like animals. I want to take care of cats and dogs and frogs.
Mom: You want to be an animal doctor?
Ryan: Yes, I am going to take care of pets!
Mom: that is a veternarian. a vegetarian is a plant eater.

Andy and Ryan playing dinosaurs..

Andyasaurus: ROAR I am I T-rex and I am a meat eater!!! are you a plant eater?
Ryanasaurus: ROAR I am a veternarian!
Andyasaurus: ROAR I am going to eat you!
Ryan: MOM! Andy is trying ot eat me!