The return of TGIF 9/4/09

First... this is a temporary return. I will get back to regular blogging when things settle out a bit more. Things are going well.. but it is a journey.

  • A cool new job with a great boss and a interesting yet pleasant cast of characters.
  • Three big kids in school (pictures are comming).
  • Colin's "big" Pre-K classroom (OK - so he is the only kid in his class... REALLY!)
  • A healthy hubby.
  • A family room that is a family room again!!!
  • knitting
  • quilting - Goddess pictures are comming too. they are on Mom's computer
  • the great big list
  • The other even bigger list
  • my Sunday night gang
  • Birthday Boy #1 Photobucket

(yeah that is a pile of Bakugan Birthday Cake Balls! )

  • Birthday boy #2


(That is a Tofutti "ice cream" cake.)

  • sanity and serenity
  • being back on the bike
  • Brown Gables

So... Here is the thing with these lists. The concept is taken form Mama Gena. But it is really about (for me) self-reflection. I take stock of every thing that I have and see how blessed I really am. Then I make a list of my desires ..big and small. It helps me put things in perspective. Where I'm comming from and where I am going.

Well, last week, I wasn't able to get to the blog, but I put pen to paper. I wrote and wrote and wrote. The thoughts just came pouring out and didn't want to stop! Then I took a look back at what I wrote. Suddenly.... my life made sense. The path I've taken.. the twists.. the turns... falling off of a cliff of two...

The most amazing thing I realized was that I know now where it is I want my life to be headed. Still not sure how I'm going to make it from here to there, but I now have a clear goal in mind. I'm refreshed, relieved and inspired!

so... go make you own list of grattitudes and desires! enjoy!