Look what I made!

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these were a LOT of fun! I embroidered some PUL and sewed them in to pockets.

the red PUL was from www.wazoodle.com and I thought the laminate was flimsy. I think these will be sprayed with a waterproofing spray.

I did a practice piece on the red and that will be a wetbag once I sew the zipper on. the inserts are 2 layers hemp french terry and 1 microfiber. I think I will make some thicker ones for nighttime -tho he is wearing one now. I also plan on making some fitteds with the hemp too.

back to knitting...


God Bless Colin

Looking like a china doll in the family christening gown. this was HAND SEWN by my great-grandmother from her wedding gown. it is 106 years old. he is the last of the 4th generation to wear this gown.

bundled up for church. the hat/sweater set I bought for Ryan before I could really knit. the blanket I started to knit for Andy, gave up and added a really wide crochet border! you can't see them, but he also wearing a pair of booties that Todd's grandma Berger made. she crocheted a pair for each of her grandchildren so that they would each have a pair for their children. she passed before Todd adn I met, so it was pretty cool to have them.

pouring the water

saying "hi" to Grandma in church

Colin with Mommy, Daddy and Godparents (and a zonked out Jason! - one of these days I'll post a picture of that kid awake!)


Catching up

Been busy around here!
we had a great Halloween...

Andy lost another tooth...
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Kathy came for a visit...
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Kim came over too. ...
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There was knitting..
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Tea.. wine .. and LOTS of chocolate! Andy made Kathy Breakfast both days she was here. Friday was a grapes and cheese sandwich and saturday was peanut butter, margarine and graham gracker sandwich. He's never made ME breakfast...

I sewed some Baby Legs. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I really like them and I need to get some more socks to hack up. I knew this was a simple project, but it really was a complete no-brainer. great beginner project.

I'm back at work just as Colin is getting interesting....
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I'm still trying to figure out the best pumping schedule. I'm NAK now... I've got more diapers to sew and I need to get some microfleece and flannel to make some more fitteds to go with all of this wool! I've also ordered some hemp fleece to make inserts. the microfiber absorbs fast and the hemp absorbs a LOT so I'll top some layers of hemp with m/f. I may just sew the ends to speed up drying time.