Camp Recap!

Andy, Colin and I hiked up to Bear Rock Lookout. you can see CT, NY and MA - when the valley isn't so foggy anyway...

the boys spent a LOT of time at the beach with their cousins. this is Andy, Ryan, Owen, Evan, Jake and Jessica playing on a float. (Jeremy was too old and Colin too young to hop on..)

Camping themed party favors for the cousins!

relaxing before the party
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The Birthday Boy!

The campfire cake had a meltdown in the 90F (32C) degree heat.

obligatory cake face pics...

Present Time!

Todd caught a fish...
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...we could go home... but not before leaving a partial deposit for next year - full week!!!



My little monkey is one! where has the time gone? it has been a busy year with lots of bumps and twists in the road, but here we are with an amazing toddler!


not what I was expecting... but I'll take it!

so we had both visits with the Developmental Pedi. She is FAB. took plenty of time to talk and address our concerns. She spent quite a while with Andy too..

once she was done with Andy's testing, she told us:
  • he intelligence scores were "significantly higher than normal" - his "quirky" behavior and lack of social skills can be attributed to the fact that he can't relate to his classmates.
  • His speech/developmental delays and disconnection are/were attributed to PTSD (aka "the Fire").
  • She saw NO red flags for ASD - of course he wasn't stimming while he was there Smiley
  • What she did see was ADD/ADHD
  • since Todd has ADD, each of our children is at least 5x more likely to have it than the average child.
so, for now, we'll get him the 504 at school to make accommodations for him. we'll give it a month or so, then see how he is doing in school and decide if we want to use medication or not. Todd's BFF and his DW are both pharmacists, so we have a call in to them for their opinion on the different med options. If we go the drug route, I am leaning toward the patch. we'd have more control.

TOTALLY not what I was expecting, but good news in any event... who'd think ADD/ADHD was good news! But I think it is an overall better prospect for life. she asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and why. He told her he wanted to be a family doctor and she said his explanation sounded like an essay from a med school application. crap.. better start saving for med school!


You're supposed to hit the ball- not the oponent!

So we had FREE box seats to Tuesday night's Bluefish game. I love Harbor Yard. Every seat has a great view. Good prices - well - relatively. ample parking and it is close by. Great place to take the kids for a ball game. usually. Thanks to Jose Offerman, it wasn't very family-friendly.

Other than this little incident - it was a great game!

Slide show: http://www.connpost.com/breakingnews/ci_6631730?source=rv#

Story: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b395/herself75/diapers/100_0437.jpg

And now he is saying he was set up? was he at the same game I was?


TAG! I'm IT!

In case you hadn't noticed the button on the right, I am playing Dish Rag Tag. The team box arrived at my door yesterday.
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lovely cotton yarn, a BEAUTIFUL jewel-tones dishrag and the CUTEST tape measure I have EVER seen!

I whipped up a crochet dishrag with the yarn from the box. I used a textured stitch to help make it scrubby. I am, of course, assuming that the disrag will actually be used for dishes....

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I packed up the box and sent it on its way this morning!
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Captain Mullet and Mohawk Man

they chose their new haircuts....


Rescue Pack

So I FINALLY finished my Ergo-esque MT. not all that comfy as a front carrier, but I suppose that just takes getting used to - like the sling. BUT is is VERY comfy as a backpack!! I think it is going to get a LOT of use at camp! I had an epiphany at about midnight Friday (yeah my exciting Friday night was spent with a glass - or 3 - of wine and my sewing!) . I was thinking about how to pad, attatch and adjust the sraps. I was looking at Andy's old back pack to look at the construction of the straps when I thought.. "Why not just uses these straps??" so I did (SSSHHH dont tell! he wasn't thrilled about getting rid of his old backpack.) I just finished quilted the pannel on Mom's machine.. certainly a learning curve there, but it turned out OK.

I used it while making dinner last night. he was THRILLED to be close to me and I wasn't afraid of burning or cutting him. he loved it when I was dancing with him!

I also used it to/from church today. comfy for both of us on the walk.

I finished up 5 diapers and about a dozen wipes. some for us and some for a client.

I recycled a fleece jacket I no longer wear into a pair of pants for Colin. they work just like longies!

Last - and probably least, I whipped up a bag for wet clothes/towels for the beach bag.
not too shabby for one weekend!
I do want to make another swim diaper or two for Colin and eventually I want to make a little mini diaper bag to go with hte carrier in the same fabrics with the other butterfly block.


The Bandit

I took this a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to post it! This is Colin's cat.. The Bandit! and yes... he was napping on the changing table. In fact, he probably is now too...