Lopng tim no blog..

and I do have to apologize! we haven't gotten our computer at home up and running yet.. and work is very busy! I've got som pictures to upload.. Tomorrow?

Andy had his school Christmas Concert last Friday. Yes, it was a CHRISTMAS concert! it was at St. Ann's! he did great! all of the kids did! I was sure that one of the pre-k kids would flip out or run off or something .. and I was positive it would be mine! but nope! he did great! he even saw daddy in choir loft taking pictures!

Other than that, we've been busy with unpacking and getting ready for christmas. I finished the teacher scarves and I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped them all... D'oh! I'll have to take pictures of them wrapped tho.. VERY cool!


oh- in case I missed you heres the Card picture!


Say a Prayer

for Garridan. s/he was due today. I just hope I can get through this weekend without falling apart... I'm really missing my baby today...



We are FINALLY home! it's been a long time comming.. and the kitchen still isn't done.. but we're home and that is all that matters!

Our intial intent was to be albe to stay there sunday night, but then it occured to us that it was a school night and saturday would give the boys a little more time to acclimate.. BUT Friday night, Ryan fell asleep on the way there, so Todd moved him to his bed. then I went to get ANdy's be from a coworker, adn when I got back, ANdy and Toddy were asleep on my bed! so I quite literally made Andy's bed and then I put him in it and crawled into mine.. keep in mind, we had NO fridge, NO stove (or other cooking device!), NO jammies, NO clean clothes, NO diaperbag.. NADA! I didn't even have sheets on my bed yet! but, there we were.. HOME! we had Ryan's party Saturday, and Father Tom came and blessed the house. Dad hooked up the fridge and the stove and we have sheets, blankets, clothes, and food!.. and we did have some wine.. until yesterday...

Aside From that... Christine tagged me, so....

10 Random things about myself...

1. I can lift a bookcase all by myself...
2. I LOVE Christmas!
3. I can't wait to bake Grandma's rasin bread in MY kitchen again...
4. I dont have a land line or internet connection at home.. yet
5. I'm bored with my hair, but I refuse to cut it! (then Krista's would be longer ;) )
6. I envy people with ambition.
7. My third child was due this Friday.
8. It breaks my heart to think that may have been my last pregnancy...
9. I should be working right now.
10. It didn't occur to me that I am a grown up until a CLIENT called me ma'am...

ok - now I'll tag Krista and Kathy and anyone else who'd like to do it!

(note to Kathy: ok if I link your blog?)


House Blessing

I just wanted to let those of you local know that we will be having the house blessed by Father Tom from St. Ann's on Saturday at 5:30pm and you are all welcome to come!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Yeah.. so no WIP's yesterday.. want to know why??? well, 2 reasons:

1. Ryan's 3rd Birthday! He got a stuffed puppy from "Doug the Dog", a frog hat/mittens from Andy and a Big Boy Bike! he hopped on and took off... and I forgot my camera! D'oh! how can my BABY be 3?????

2. WE'RE MOVING!!!! yup! you read that right! I was actually "home" last couple nights working on my house and so no knitting or blogging....