Finished Week 3, started Week 4

I finished week 3 about a week ago. I wasn't feeling 100% but I'd had a stressful day. I was in the office. Bosses+ siting. I needed to move. It was nothing special. My breathing is getting better and the shoes are breaking in nicely. Then I went to karate. Yeah. I slept well that night.

The next day, I got a new tattoo. On my leg. I spent Friday -which would.have been my next run day- icing my swollen ink. I got it to cover up the scar from my accident a few years ago and the scar is painful now.

Monday, I decided I needed to kick off week 4. It snowed over the weekend and the snow was now melting into a slushy mess. My leg was still sore. I did it anyway. It felt pretty good. Most of the time.

I was feeling pretty strong. The intervals were longer, two 3 mins and two 5 mins. These were my longest yet. I ran them all out except the last. It was starting to feel like someone jabbed something into my scar and then my thigh started to cramp. I slowed to a fast walk to wrap up the work out. I was doing well aside from the self-inflicted pain. Shoes felt good. Breathing was strong. No stitch in my side. I'm getting there.

Week 4 continues tomorrow. Today is errand day. A whole other kind of running around.

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