The Big Pruple & the Ravelympics

During the last winter Olympics, the Yarn Harlot hosted the Knitting Olympics. So many of us had such a great time that we wanted to do it again. The Harlot's stance was that each event only takes place every 4 years, so we need to wait unitl the next winter games for that and she suggested another "event" for the summer. Makes sense. But some folks on Ravelry were hungry for a challenge and put together the Ravelympics. Basically the same damn thing with another name. Out of respect for the Harlot's wishes, I have decided that the Summer games are a good time for a crochet challenge.

But what?

Lace? no, I have a HUGE knit lace project OTN (I'll take some pics after a couple more tiers. It's just starting to look like something!).

Toys? hmm.. maybe... I've got a few ideas...oh wait.. those were knit...

Sweater? no way! I really like the look of a knit sweater with a crochet trim, but now that I can knit, very little crochet-wear appeals to me (same goes for hats, mittens and socks. I like the fabric of a kint better here where negative ease is a must).

A bag?- nah, I'm on a bag sewing kick..

Granny Squares? A-HA! inspiration!

A few years ago, in the time before Ravelry, I participated in a purple granny square swap. We traded 12" purple and white squares. I don't recall how many were in the group, but I remember making extra squares so I'd have enough for a king size afghan. With the remodel, move and a new baby (that'd be Colin), they got stuffed in a bag and shoved under the bed and forgotten.

My intent was to join them in a sage yarn (my master bedroom is purples and sage) to make a throw for our king size bed (again, I made extra squares already). So, now this challenge gives me the motivation to complete the UFO just in time for fall! (and with oil prices skyrocketing, we'll be in NO hurry to turn on the heat this year. Think we can make it to November?) I even found a really neat joining method, Dudessembly. A really pretty deviation from the standard double crochet border, single crochet join that was my grandmother's trademark (she made the COOLEST scrapghans! every one is like a trip down memeory lane. my hat, my brother's gloves, mom's sweater...). This weekend I went out and purchased the sage yarn - TLC Essentials (on sale of course!).

I came home to toss the yarn and a hook in the bag to have everything ready. I thought I should pull out the squares and make sure they are all close in size (that was an issue in the 8" pastel square swap I did). I counted them (being a math nerd, I count everything - borders on compulsive actually...). 30. 30? shouldn't there be 36? king size is roughly 6'x6'. The squares are 1'x1' each, so 6x6 is 36... why are there only 30? What was I thinking? What sort of denial can cause math that bad?

So, now I am working on the last 6 squares in preparation for the Ravelympics. Three down, one in progress two more to go, 10 days left... cake!

May I present: Purple Swapghan

It occurs to me now- as I'm typing this - that I will be on vacation (camping in the Berkshires) the second week. Wonder if I can start a week early, or should I jsut lug it up the mountian. Come to think of it, an extra blanket may come in handy.. even if it isn't done...

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