Previous generations called it potty training. The current PC term is "potty learning". In reality, it is all brainwashing IMO. Whatever you want to call it, it was a Nightmare with the first 2. don't belive me? check out this and this. BUT they both managed to be brainwashed by kindergarten.

I hear the other Mom's in my mommy groups talking about potty chairs and beginning the brainwashing process.. I have NO interest in even listening to these discussions. No, really, I'm happy your kid went in the potty, but I'm a cynic when it comes to the topic, so don't expect cartwheels from me. especially if your kids isn't even 2 yet. at this point, the parents are the ones getting trained and the toddlers are toying with them...

I refuse to buy another potty chair. they just gross me out. yes, you read that right. cloth diapers don't gross me out, but potty chairs do. I KNOW I am getting my diapers clean... the potty chair.. not so much.. We've already got a bathroom stool, so when I get the nerve, I'll get a kid size seat to go on the toilet - which flushes. I'm skipping the kid wipes this time too. They are expensive, bad for the septic and the kids can't use them in school, so they need to know how to actually wipe their own ass. A child isn't really brainwashed until they can do the following:
  1. recognize that they need to go.
  2. stop what they are doing and get to the bathroom.
  3. undress. (put them in elastic waist pants - no overalls!)
  4. get on the toilet/potty.
  5. go.
  6. wipe.
  7. flush.
  8. dress.
  9. wash hands.

That is quite a tall order for a toddler, but I guess you gotta start somewhere...

I've been kinda hoping that Colin will just pick it up along the way. He is the youngest of the 4 male humans in the house.. but I suppose it may take a bit of guidance...

The ONLY reason I am even thinking about this is that Colin just noticed that he pees. He gets nasty acidic poop when he teethes that instantly burns his butt. So, we let him "air out" in the kitchen. He started to pee and the look of surprise on his face was priceless. It turned to fascination, then glee. So, he is starting to make that connection. He is certainly capable of getting to the bathroom, he can undress and we've noticed him starting to hide while he poops. However, he isn't staying dry for extended periods of time, telling us when he is wet/poopy or even aware of when he is about to go. He isn't ready to try the potty yet, but we're starting the brainwashing coursework. I dug out the "Potty Time With Bear" DVD (we also have it on VHS...), the stuffed Elmo that goes potty, Too Big For Diapers, Calliou Goes Potty (cant stand that brat, but Andy was in a Calliou phase and I was desperate!) and, of course, Everyone Poops.

Let the games begin...

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