My house... Monday update!

Yes, I'm aware it is still Sunday!

first of all- I need to publicly give HUGE props to Rich! He got far more done than everyone else put together on Saturday.. I can't thank him enough for spending his day off... Working @ my house. Thanks Rich! And thanks to Erika for loaning him out!

ok- now for some pictures!!!

this is Rich's masterpiece! I am really happy with this color! It is going to look nice with the white furniture and the old drapes!

Ryan's room ... His bed will go in front of the mast and Todd and I will paint the sails on it next weekend ( can we say leftover paint?) the colors are FAR less scary on the walls than in the can. And yes.. That is a Nemo border... It matches his bedding!

this is the master bedroom. The contrast wall is done now too, but I didn't have the light to get a decent shot of it.

and here is a close up of the drapes I spent ALL day today making! I bought a drape rod that matches my bed and rings with clips, so it will just clip on to the top of the drape! No rod pockets or any of that crap to deal with! But the beads were enough "fun" for one day... Now I just need to sew the sheers for the side window and pick up the blinds for the front/bay window.

Andy has his clouds! Notice the pearescent sheen on the clouds! He has his blue walls now too.. But I wasn't there today for pictures :( He is also getting fabric squares with spidey on them startched onto the walls like "wallies". I'm also making valances to match the bedding for both boys.

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