When good knitting goes bad...

I found a pattern for a really cute pair of Tery Short - shorts in the book, Sexy Little Knits. I thought they were pretty Bad-ass. In fact, when I began the project in Ravelry, I named it "Bad Ass Shorts". they turned out to be "Make my Ass Look Bad Shorts". I found a great new yarn - Baby Blanket, by Bernat.

The yarn.. I LOVE! The name describes it perfectly. The one big ball makes the baby blanket pattern on the ball band. The fabric knits up cuddly and soooo soft! I can see using this for baby gifts in the near future...

The pattern.. I'm not so impressed with... I got gauge (really! I did!) yet these things are rediclously w-i-d-e. The pattern calls for a casing to be knit, then crocheted into the inside. then, the sides are cinched with a crochet drawstring. My initial thought was.. well, maybe that'll take in some of the width... not so much.... they are W-I-D-E and frankly, a bit bulky. But, I figured I just made these for knocking around the house, so maybe if they are comfy it won't really matter. So, after avoiding the sewing in the ends part for at least a week (ok 2), I fnished them up and wore them. Todd asked my why I knit myself a diaper.... It's official.. they are an UGH!

that is a 1" grid that they are laying on there! ..and just so you know that my ass isnt' that big. I laid a pair of shorts that do fit on top to give you an idea. I love those purple shorts.. SO comfy. They are what I was hoping these shorts would be..

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