Well, I started off my Holiday weekend a little early and with a big bang. Due to possible probable legal actions, I'm not going to go into detail here, but, this is what happens when a car pulls out in front of a bike.

you'll notice that while I have street slicks on them, those are trail rims - heavier and stronger than street rims.... yeah... If you look closely, you will also see that the left brake lever is a bit on the reddish side... That'd be from impaling me in the thigh. Luckily, it went into some "well placed padding" (those were teh doctors words - not mine!) so it wasn't the worst case injury. I did end up with 7 stitches and a rather nasty bruise. I'll spare you the pictures....
While I was home and resting on my now 5-day weekend, my boys took good care of me. Dr. Andy was fascinted by my stitches and the wound itself. Ryan was busy making sure I had everything I needed and even helped me change the bandage. Maybe we have a nurse in the making? or maybe he was sucking up for marbles. By Sunday, they were over me and back to being seagulls*.
I had the camera out, taking pictures of the bike before Todd brought it back to the bike shop and I kept hearing a little voice say "cheese.. CHEESE!"
then a not so little voice say "ME TOO!"

On the 4th we went to my in-laws for a cook-out and fireworks. I had the camera out to show them the bike pictures and I heard it again..."Mommy.. CHEESE!"

then another "ME TOO!"
I think his SuperHero Face ended up looking more like a mug shot...

I just happened to catch this one... how CUTE is this?

Happy belated Independance Day!

*If you didn't get this, watch Nemo. the seagulls are exactly like little kids - "mine mine mine".

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