Olympic Sweater

After careful deliberation, I've chosen this sweater.
However, this oh-so fuzzy yarn has been discontinued SO I think I'll go with this.
or whatever colorway they have in Jo-anns that strikes my fancy. yes this is LB Chenille T&Q. and all of you yarn snobs can just stop! this is for a BABY!!! they are messy little critters and I am NOT dry cleaning baby clothes! besides. how cuddly will this kid be in the chenille??? or I could do it in a brown with little ears on the hood.... I was actually toying with the idea of Marnie's dragon hoodie.. maybe I'll combine that concept w/ this pattern....


  1. I love the baby sweater.Where did you find the pattern? I also like the yarn you picked to make it in.I am expecting a grandchild this summer.Maybe if I start now I will have the sweater finished in time for the baby to wear it next winter.Congrats on your new addition.

  2. Very cute -- a perfect knitting olympics project for a crocheter! Regarding the yarn, I think it's perfectly OK to use washable yarn for baby clothes! You're a mom -- you are the authority! :) I always assess my yarn choice based on the mom to whom I'm giving the clothes. Some of my friends probably would be willing to dry clean baby stuff, but for the rest -- acrylic! :) Plus, I like chenille on babies. It's so cuddly...