Train Tact

It seems that a few of my fellow commuters can use a refresher course in manners. It really isn't hard, but you have to at least try to use some common sense. Here are just a few ways to be a better commuter.
  • when you are on a train platform that is packed shoulder to shoulder, do you really think that 6ft golf umbrella was such a great idea?
  • when the train arrives at the station, you will need to close it BEFORE you get on the train. plan ahead.
  • once you are on the train, where do you plan on putting that giant wet umbrella? In the overhead luggage rack? uh, NO! try again....
  • I realize that I take an early train, but sleeping across three seats on a peak-hour train is grounds for a beat down - and this train stops in Bridgeport, pal!
  • If your cell phone/crackberry ringer is set to "obnoxious", ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE!
  • No one else in the train car wants to hear Miley Cyrus on infinite repeat for 40 minutes little girl!
  • If you want to get your arrogant Armani covered ass on this train, you better move and let me get the hell off - unless you want to "watch the gap" up close.

And while I am whining about the people on the MTA, let me complain - again - about these freaking trains. I've covered this before, but apparently no one was listening.

Now, don't get me wrong, the MTA staff on the train rocks. They are professional, polite and they take pity on you when you aren't paying attention and end up in Harlem (nothing wrong with Harlem, but I was aiming for Greenwich).

BUT can you PLEASE maintain the train cars? Yes, I am aware that you've ordered new cars. great. That may help when they get here - NEXT YEAR. Oh, wait, my bad they begin to arrive in a year, but you won't have them all until 2012. thanks. even if the train fairy delivered them all today. It still isn't enough.

Gas prices are going up. I-95 isn't getting any less crowded. More people are taking the train, 20% more in the first quarter this year. Every day the trains are more and more crowded. The Friday afternoon trains are SO full, that the conductors can't even move up and down the aisles to collect tickets. it can't be safe to run the trains that full.

What does NOT help matters is when trains are regularly a car short. Even worse? A car short and at least one car with rain leaking in so badly that half of the seats can't be used. No, actually, even worse was the Friday afternoon express that was not only a car short, BUT two of the cars were without a/c - in July - in CT. It was so hot in those cars that it was unsafe! So glad you got that one fixed - almost a week later...

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying the commute - since I don't have to drive. I really like my job, but I couldn't handle the commute if I had to deal with the mess on I-95... even if gas were free. It is just that some mornings, the little things piss you off... and some days I just feel like bitching (I'm tired and I'm sore and it's my blog. get over it.)

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