Back in the saddle....

I got my bike back on Saturday (yes, I bought a new helmet!). I was really happy to be back on the bike Monday morning.. until the clouds unleashed their vengeance on me about 3 blocks from the station. NOT.FUN. neither was the cold, wet train ride (I had a change in the office thank goodness!). My commute didn't improve with the bus ride. Some lady pulled out into the side of the bus. She destroyed the front end of her car and scratched the bus. Still, it is better than being hit on your bike... but really, 2 accidents in two weeks? Enough already!

Monday night also meant stitch removal for me. While I am THRILLED to be rid of them, the bandages and the itching, I'm not liking the return of the pain! It hurt getting them out and it hurts to even touch my leg again. Still, the doctor said it looks good and is healing well. I'll take his word for it. It looks like I have a vagina on my leg. (nice mental picture, no?) I did bring Andy with me. He was fascinated adn asked lots of questions. He said it looked easy...

As for the potential legal action, I'm leaving that up to my lawyer and not expecting any news soon.

While we are on the topic of commuting, I finished Todd's Patriotic Socks. He was putting the first one on while I was sewing in the ends on the second. Guess he likes them! I know Ryan does because I have been oredered to make a pair for him. I've got plenty of yarn leftover for a kid pair, so why not? next pair is MINE.

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