Random Monday

1. Baby Tad-

Ryan unearthed his and gave it to Colin - who is enthralled by this thing! "Six minutes till night-night" Yet another reason why I love leapfrog! The first being that they replaced all the toys that were burned, melted or otherwise ruined in "the fire". I just had to return the carcass to them and they sent a replacement. (So did Learning Curve and Fisher Price.)

2. C'elle Revisited- I was telling Todd about it - and he asked if we could sell my C'elles. men....

3. Outlet Shopping- We packed the kids up in the SUV and headed to the outlets to get shoes for Thing 1 and Thing 2. We ended up getting Sketchers for them, Colin and me for only $130! (I would have paid that just for the Things' Airators at the local shoe store.) Then I found out that the Little Me outlet was closing... 2 Christmas outfits, PJs and argyle socks! Checked out the Gap outlet too (no WAY I am paying regular price in the Gap!) fleece pants for #2 and #3, PJ pants for #1 and 3 long sleeve Ts for #3. Why are long sleeve Ts SO hard to find without the snap crotch?

4. Fall yardwork - check. Now my shoulders and knees are killing me! Todd still needs to finish chopping fire wood and bagging the leaves.

5. my knee- I forgot to blog about my irritated patella. Three months of PT (exercises at home) should solve the problem. I tripped over the stupid baby gate and landed on said patella - which is no longer irritated - it's PISSED. sigh...

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