Inner Diva


One of my favorite breastfeeding benefits has been the lack of a period... I sure miss those days.. still breastfeeding, but not enough to ward off "the curse". sigh... since it has returned.. it has returned with a vengeance... very heavy - like "cant leave the house" heavy- followed up with day after day after day of spotting which seems to stop as soon as I decide I need to call my midwife.

My husbands reaction is to call/see the doctor for every little thing (yes, I know he is the exact opposite of most men - but trust me this is equally annoying.). Now ladies, you KNOW what she'll say when I tell her my period is problematic, right? yeah "The Pill"- now, as wonderful as it is, I really don't want to have to remember to do one more thing each day - never mind the potential side effects (migraines, weight gain etc).

While perusing a cloth diapering message board, I see frequent discussions on cloth pads... they sound comfy but I have never been a pad girl.. even cloth. I just can't stand them. I'd seen a few mentions of a menstrual cup- which sounded interesting, but complicated and uncomfortable. In one such conversation about a month ago someone mentioned that, while there is a short learning curve, it is as if you aren't even wearing it.. AND - this is what sold me - you only have to empty it 2-3 times a day...

SO- in short, there is a product that does not wick or leak, you can't tell you are wearing it AND you only need to "deal with it" a couple of times a day. No more late night runs for tampons - or forgetting to stick some in my purse (shudder) - or trying to find a clean bathroom on a construction site... I can "deal with it" in the privacy of my own (clean) bathroom...

I ordered the Diva Cup a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to test drive it. I think this past weekend really was a true test-and it passed. Train ride- no problem. subways, walking - no problem. lunch, play, hot cocoa - totally forgot about it!

I am SO glad I have found my inner Diva!

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  1. You might get me to cloth diaper with the next one. This thing is going to take some convincing. I don't even know why. You know me -- I'm NEVER at a loss for words!