Go see the Doctor

well.. the Doc isnt' in today.. she is taking the Boards...

Vegan Heart Doc
Heather is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. yep- I actually know her IRL. we did our undergrad together. Of course, by the time we got our BSs - she was already half way through med school! She isn't just freakishly brilliant though.. she is a lot of fun! I am happy to call her my friend and (sorority) sister.

Her blog centers around
being healthy. She is a vegan, an interventional cardiologist and an aspiring tri-athlete. He blog offers tips on being a good patient, taking your meds, eating/cooking healthy, tri info - and the occasional pic of her ADORABLE (and vegetarian) niece!

So, drop by and wish her some luck on her recertification today!

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