Level Twelve and Bureaucratic BS

During spring vacation, just before Andy turned 4, he started reading – really reading. He figured out that there was a secret code in those letters and began unlocking it. I told his teacher and asked that she reinforce that skill in school. I was told, “That is a Kindergarten skill.” And? It was clear we’d get no help at this point, so we had him read a lot at home. Remember, he was a “special needs” student in an “integrated” pre-k class - appearantly you can't be smart AND have a speech delay. Kindergarten rolled around and the teacher sent us a note saying “Andy knows all of his letters!” I responded with “Andy knows how to read.” Once the children were FINALLY assessed for reading groups in January (almost a YEAR after he began reading), he was at “Level 4”. The goal for the end of Kindergarten was “Level 4” – he was at “Level 6” by that point. I’m not sure where he was assessed in September, but the teacher told us at “Back to School Night” that none of the children lost a level and almost all had gained over the summer. Friday was Report Card Day. In the comments section the teacher wrote, “Andy is expected to be reading at Level 6. He is reading at Level 12.” Level 12! HOLY CRAP! I mean, I know he reads a lot and he is getting better… but damn! Level 12?! The child amazes me! Now if we could get him to settle down and focus in music… he loves it, but I think he is over stimulated – and I don’t know that the music teacher is aware of his ADD diagnosis. I’ll have to ask her to join us for P/T conferences.

Ryan’s report card was pretty good as well – about what we expected. He is holding his own academically, but he would be doing a LOT better if he could learn to mind his business and follow directions…

My Mom got them both Webkinz - their first Webkinz - for their good report cards. So, we spent the day yesterday with the two of them fighting over Gram’s laptop. Joy.

Once we reached a truce in the Webkins War (round one of many I am sure). We headed for home – with a planned stop to pick up Andy’s patches at the pharmacy (he’d worn his last one that day). We spent an HOUR at the pharmacy. Todd went in and I waited in the car with Colin (was sleeping – woke up with a blood curdling scream), Ryan (trying desperately to sleep) and Andy (annoying the hell out of Ryan). Todd came out empty handed. WTF? We called around before we dropped it off to make sure they had it (Since it is a controlled substance, the pharmacies are limited in their stock.). Turns out that even though they had entered the information into their computer, they lost the hard copy and they wanted us to go and get a new one today… before they would fill it. Um - NO! YOU lost it YOU deal with it! Finally, I went back in (Todd was losing patience) and spoke to the manager. He tried looking for it – again. I don’t think he found it, but he did end up filling it. What a freaking pain!

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  1. Pharmacys suck. Period.

    And Andy is a GENIUS, I just know it! Good for him!