Happy Birhtday Ryan and a Stroll on the Green

First off - I need to wish my middle child a Happy 5th Birthday
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He got to open his Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet
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this morning, Daddy is reading to his class ("Poor Puppy" - the book is another gift.) and then we'll have cupcakes and some more gifts with the Grandparents after Little Dragons. The party is at the Martial Arts school tomorrow. More on that next week when I have party pictures to share.

I like working in a fairly large city - by CT standards. It has all the culture and charm of a big city, with a MUCH shorter commute. My office is very close to the New Haven green and surrounded by the Yale campus. This creates an interesting mix of people - ideal people watching conditions. Here are just a few things I witnessed on my stroll:

  • A man proposing to a woman at a bus stop. Far more romantic than a park bench on the historic green.
  • A wino proclaiming to be Jesus.
  • Two elderly women protesting The War on the steps of the courthouse. Better watch out Pres. Bush, these ladies mean business... too bad reality isn't' as black and white as their sign was.
  • Around 100 or so overweight, middle-aged, balding men in the exact same navy suit and red tie.
  • High School girls break dancing with a man old enough to be their father grandfather.
  • Yale students immersed in academia and completely unaware of the reality around them (I miss those days sometimes...)
  • Construction workers arguing with hot dog vendors over baseball (the joys of living where Yankee and Red Sox territories clash! now you know why I am a Mets fan.).

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  1. Oooh... I hope that girl said yes!! What a great story.