Mental Furball

You know how you mentally compose blogs while you are driving or in the shower or "listening" in on a conferance call? Doesn't it just SUCK when you get to the computer and you can't even recall the topic of the post - nevermind the actual content? Yeah, me too. So, in stead of enjoying my brilliant wit and insight on some yet to be rememebered topic - I'll pimp some more.

Crazy Aunt Purl

AKA Laurie is a 30-something divorced "Cat Lady". She knits. She writes. And ya'll - she's funny! She gets all self-help-y with a great deal of humor and southern charm. I admire her courage to put so much of herself out there in her blog and her book. Though I am not divorced (or planning on it!) and I only have 1 cat, there is so much I can really relate to on her blog - like her "non-diet". Go check her out. Laugh till you pee yourself. Tell her I sent you!


  1. There were many many days early in Em's life where the only thing that kept me from breaking down was reading Laurie's blog. Seriously.

  2. Yes, yes, I forgot my brilliant blog topics all the time.

    Your turned me on to Laurie's blog, and it's still one of my very favorites.