A subway named Desire

I spent a lovely weekend in the City (that is NYC - Manhattan actually - for those of you who aren't from these parts) with (blogless) Kim and (are you blogging again?) Kathy. we were all over the city. good food. decadent hot cocoa. hilarious play! bargain shopping. and of course stellar company and conversation....

unfortunately, thanks to the USCG, Kim had to take a late train back to suburbia. damn military... keeping us safe harumf!

I always enjoy talking to Kathy. She is smart, crafty and witty. she is also single and has the time/opportunity to consider things like what her own desires are... I tell you I am jealous. There are times I envy the freedom and excitement of being single in a big city... but at the end of the day I am happy to be home with my husband, kids, cat and suburban lifestyle...

It did get me thinking... what are my desires? If you asked me last week I would have said 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep... ok - did that. I spend my work day focused (more or less) on my clients' desires and trying to make them happen. then I go home and focus on the family needs/desires (kids can't tell the difference). I guess that means that I desire an income to support my family.. and I desire peace in my house... which means fulfilling my families desires. but what about me - just for me? I'll have to think on that..

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