Thou Shall Covet This Sweater

I'm killing two birds with one proverbial stone today (no actual birds were harmed in the making of this blog). A little knitting content and a little pimping too.

If you look in my sidebar, you'll see a link to Not Your Mama's Crochet by Amy Swenson. It is under my patterns because I am a contributor (S3). I am also a fan of her designs - and her blog - Indiknits. A while back, she posted an idea for a cabled sweater design. EXACTLY what I have been wanting to knit. I have been anxiously watching her blog for progress on the sweater and cured at my monitor when she posted about knitting something else - how dare she "cheat" on that sweater? But after much ripping and reworking, it is done! Now I REALLY need to knit this sweater! Hopefully, I will have wrapped up my WIPs - and Holiday knitting - by the time she publishes the pattern.

While you are at Amy's blog, check out her wedding pics - the scenery is gorgeous! As are the brides - of course!

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