Pimps 'n Hos - Blog style

So, have you noticed that I've updated my sidebar? I added more links to the blogs I frequent. I thought I'd highlight them on at a time so you can see why I read them... My original plan of attack was to just go right down the list, BUT I decided that if you're pimpin' me you get to move up.

First in the Hot Seat- For Me For Once

Cathy is a writer cleverly disguised as a full time Mommy. Her blogs range from silly and playful to very deep, raw and real. She looks at life and family - and all of its ups and downs. I admire her not only for her talent, but for her courage to wear her heart on her blog and her strength to put her butt on the Beach..

So go check her out already! If you wanna be pimped - or moved up the list.. drop me a comment


  1. Catie, you are so sweet! And I'd say that even if you hadn't just pimped my blog for me! I enjoy reading your stuff a lot! You're the craftiest girl I know!

    Thanks, honey! I'll be pimping you again on mine, too!

  2. LOL... don't think you're not going to make an appearance on my blog shortly, my dear. This whole "blogging every day while moving" thing is brutal. You're coming in for a save very soon.