The Birthday Bash

The big 5 party continued Friday evening. Ryan got to open the rest of his gifts from Mom, Dad, Andy, Colin, my parents and my sister after Karate on Friday.

He unwrapped Colin's gift first. As he tore off the paper he exclaimed "Knitting Needles! COOL!" I really love that kid- and I really wish I got this on video instead of stills. As excited as he was about getting his own knitting needles, he was probably a bit more excited once he realized they they were NOT knitting needles, but drum sticks.

Andy got him a drum pad to practice on (we have real - and loud- drums already). Mommy & Daddy got him lessons!

Grandma got him a chef jacket and embroidered his name one it. she also got him some refrigerated cookie dough. We made cookies after his party on Saturday.

He had a blast at the party. I think all the kids did. They got to ride on the zip line

- like the Batman on his cake!

They learned some Martial Arts moves.

Played some games.

Did an obstacle course.

And some jousting.

And the coolest part? Colin took 2 steps at the party! FINALLY!

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