Can't come to the blog right now...

well.. I suppose I can .. I just did... my mind has just been on unblogable things.. well again, I could blog them, but people actually read this - quite a few actually. This topic is way to personal and deep for me to begin to discuss in such a broad forum. It (with the help of Kathy) has inspired me to write a collection of fictionalized essays/short stories, which I may at some point share. Possibly in this forum, but maybe not. How is that for vague? See.. I'm still sorting this all out in my head and it's pretty full in there right now between the topic I ponder, new changes at work (more regulations=more work) and getting ready for Halloween (it's big here!). Not to mention that I am still cold, damp and bitchy about my clusterfuck of a commute this morning. "on or close to schedule" my ASS!

as for my knitting/crocheting:
  • 2 gifts in the works- can't blog those yet...
  • socks are black/grey and it is WAY too dark to take a progress pick and have it actually look like anything.
  • the wedding shawl looks EXACTLY like it did last time I showed you.
  • I did finish this: a felted drawstring bag.

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