Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Halloween to the rest of you!

ok- so it isn't until tomorrow... but in true Todd fashion, I got my gifts early! I swear that man couldn't keep a secret if you paid him...

If we've met IRL, then you probably know that I LOVE Halloween! I love everything about it! a fire in the fireplace, crunching leaves in the street, candles flickering, tacky decorations all over the house and lawn (I need to get primed for the Christmas decorating!), tiny candy bars... and .. of course... spaghetti dinners! I don't know if it is it's proximity to my Birthday - and all of the Halloween themed Birthday parties - or the fond memories of the parties my Grandmother used to throw.

Grammy was ALL about the tacky decorations. Give her a reason to celebrate and she had some plastic crap to decorate with. She made a big (yet disgusting) spaghetti dinner for all the kids in the neighborhood. we' d choke it down then grab our pillowcases and hit the streets and we didn't come home until we had too much candy to carry!

A few days after my 11th birthday, my Grandfather, Pa, passed away. He'd been quite ill. We knew it was coming. Hell, he lived 6 years longer than the doctors thought he would. The night he passed, he came to me in my sleep and said goodbye. My biggest worry was the Halloween Party. I know that may sound cold, but remember 2 things. 1) I'd already said goodbye and made peace with his passing, and 2) I was -barely- 11. Grammy pulled through with the party. I remember some of the neighbors thinking it was a bit odd. Admitedly, Grammy was a bit odd - but in a sweet and charming way. In reality, she was a pretty smart cookie - even if she never thought so. She knew we ALL needed a party - and a good heaping dose of "normal".

Now, I live in Grammy and Pa's house. We continue the tradition of the Spaghetti supper (though I REALLY hope my baked spaghetti is a touch better than Grammy's "American Spaghetti") and over-the-top decorations. I love EVERY minute of it. The decorating, the cooking, the company.

So, this is what my loving Hubby (and kids) gave me for my Birthday...
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There was an inflatable cat in a witch's hat (they've decided it is Prof. McGonagal), Vampire Tigger, and 2 tombstones. The lights we've had and there are hanging ghosts and lanterns to put up, and luminaries too. The peeling siding, while festive, is not an actual decoration... we just haven't made it that far down "the list" yet.. still finishing the inside of the house.

I used to decorate the lamppost like a ghost or scarecrow too, but our electrician deemed the old wiring a fire hazard and cut power to it. (That too is on "the list" - above the siding.) I may do the scarecrow anyway....


  1. Happy Birthday! Halloween is a big hit around here too; graveyard and all.

  2. I gotcha on the birthday thing already, but that won't stop me from wishing it again! Happy birthday, girlie!! I love ya!!