I've lost my sewing Mojo (or is it Sew-jo?).

Probably happened the night I broke every last needle trying to serge a bunch of inserts together before camp. yeah... pretty sure that was it. Sewing microfiber is a BITCH!

As I mentioned in my ode to Noro yesterday, I can NOT cope with UFOs and stash hanging out. My entire fabric stash right now is leftovers, a few hand-me-downs and a bag of feed sack scraps that I picked up at the alpaca farm last week.

How can a quilter (which I am) pass up such a treasure?

Anyway.. with the prospect of Halloween costumes looming, my UFO list was reaching unbearable proportions.:

  • kitchen/entry curtains
  • mending
  • 2 diapers ( between these and the pants, he is sure to PL fast, right? RIGHT?)
  • "Blueprint" quilt
  • "Amber" charm quilt
  • Fall Exchange post cards

Colin decided to cooperate and take a nice looong nap and I got a lot done:

  • Decided I hated the pattern I had for the curtains and left the fabric in the bag.
  • mending was nearly eliminated once I explained to Todd that there was no point in mending shorts/pants that no longer fit him.
  • diapers are done, but slightly bloody. I managed to sew THROUGH my finger tip while threading the needle. Don't worry - It's only a flesh wound!
  • "Blueprint" quilt top is done. I need to decide on, then purchase batting. the quilting will be a LOT of work. much of it is integral to the design.
  • "Amber" is still in pieces in the bag. I still need around 600 more fabrics (not exaggerating!) after being impaled, I had no desire to fuss with curved piecing.
  • Cut out the peltex and started my Post Cards. I'll blog them after they've been mailed - no spoilers!

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