I watched a bit of the VP debate before I decided that it was all a bunch of fraking BS and put in BSG 3.0.

Laura Roslin sat down in her chair on Colonial 1 and put on her glasses. FRAK! no wonder Gov. Palin looks so familiar!

I had seen the comparison of Sen. McCain to Col. Tigh before, but now that I think about it, having a Cylon in office may not be so bad. Think about it. We can send out the Toasters and bring our troops home. Afterall, we can just build new toasters... Then, when they find bin Laden (and you know they will!) we can just toss him out the air lock. Hmm... no... even Dr. Baltar got a trial...

One thing I do know.. Apallo is HOT!


and on that note...


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