C'ELLE NO! - revisited

almost a year ago, I posted an entry about C'ELLE. I am continuously amazed when I see just how much traffic a GOOGLE search for C'ELLE drives to my blog. amazing. I do have to say that I've been doing business with CryoCell for almost 6 years. We have Ryan's cord blood banked there, and we are very happy.

Before I go any further, read that entry (and chuckle to yourself that Deb is now pregnant).

I have to say that after using the Diva for a year, the concept really doesn't weird me out so much... but still... my budget has other priorities.

Yesterday, Denise Z. left the following comment:

Why aren't THEY PAYING WOMEN for this?!?!? I think it's a great idea - the menstrual blood truly is "holy" (for lack of a better word). Women are the only ones who have it. WHY are WOMEN PAYING MEN for this?!?!?!?!Women, we should be demanding that they pay us for this. I have studied this since 1997 - back then, my friend actually talked about creating a cup to store the blood.I would love to hear your thoughts on my comment. I honestly cannot believe that women have to pay $200!! (supposedly a deal) for this....Thank you,Denise (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

My first thought was YES! They should pay us for this, but in this case, they are providing storage for it and you are paying for the service. Makes sense since I can not cryogenicly store my blood products safely in my deep freezer (which did work well for breast milk!).

Denise does make a good point about it being "holy". For centuries (perhaps longer), menstrual blood was regarded as a sign of fertility, growth and renewal. Think about it. It comes from the same place that new life emerges (the P-word!). Even then - before male doctors got involved in "women's business" - they understood the connection and the cycle of fertility. And remember that your cycle stops if your body is not healthy enough to support a pregnancy, so having your period was a sign that you were in fact healthy and fertile.

Now, our society has evolved into a patriarchal one. One that has made this "holy" symbol into something shameful and sinful. I remember my Grandmother telling me that she thought she was dying when she got her first period. Even I was too embarrassed to tell my mother at first.

Don't get me wrong.. I'm not saying that it is all fun. The bloating, irritability and the sensation that my uterus is being yanked out through the base of my spine... not my idea of a party! But it is a time to relax and pamper yourself a bit. Don't be embarrassed. Seize the opportunity to curl up with a heating pad, chocolate, a glass of wine and a good book... or perhaps some Noro Silk Garden...

Now, shall I explain why I believe that we should refer to God the Mother - not God the Father? Perhaps another day. Right now, Pussiliah and I have to get back to work.


  1. Ohhhh Yes.

    I could talk about this... FOREVER!!!!

    Book References on this subject include:
    Cunt (book where I learned that menstrual blood is great for houseplants! And before you get all wigged out, WE NEED TO RECLAIM OUR LANGUAGE. WORDS HAVE POWER.)
    The Chalice And The Blade
    Blood Magic
    Womens Bodies Womens Wisdom

  2. .. and you do Kat!

    another referance:

    Taking Charge of Your Fertility should be required text in every sex-ed class!

  3. LOL! I'm glad I said "almost" on the cloth diapers last time, since I just ordered the new baby her first box of 'sposies.