Dear MTA:

Were you trying to screw with our heads this morning? Really, a Club Car on the morning train? I thought Club Cars have gone the way of the cocktail party (Both of which deserve a comeback IMO). I mean, why bother? It hardly has any seats (but the cup holders are a plus) and you aren't serving anything. Now, if you were serving breakfast on the train... even just "coffee and.." that would be a whole other deal. I could have gone for a bluberry muffin on the way in this morning. If you actually open the bar on the afternoon trains you could probably afford to buy a couple of coaches that aren't older than me. Think about it. How civilized would it be to sip a martini on the train on the way home from work? I think it would really increase the popularity of the train. Don't you?

Thirsty Commuter

While I am on the subject of Club Cars, want to hear a funny story? when my Grandmother was pregnant with my Dad, my Grandfather was still in the Navy and stationed in RI. Since my grandmother already had a house and a career in CT, she stayed here and he took the train home when he could. When he got word that it was "time" he hopped on the train and rode the Club Car to Bridgeport (about 2 hours or so). by the time he got there, he was tanked - and a father. The nurses at the hospital asked him to fill out the paperwork for the birth certificate. On the line that said "name" he wrote his own - not the baby's. So, my Dad is Jr. and they named the dog Peter.

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